The worlds most luxurious bathroom's go custom to get the look they want. Almost nobody does that better than Mike + Ally. Their hand enameled custom pieces are the pinnacle of luxury in the bathroom. Available in a myriad of colors and styles, you can match any color you want with as little or as much embellishment as your heart desires. A set typically takes 6-8 weeks to finish, but when it's complete, you have a one of a kind bathroom accessory set. 

Interested in seeing if a Mike + Ally custom bathroom accessory set is for you? Give us a call or request more information.

Below are some examples of the more popular Mike + Ally base sets. They can be customized any way you wish, but we have provided these as a starting point for you to get an idea of pricing per piece. We you get overwhelmed, just give us a call and our design team will walk you through the various options to create your own custom set. The service is complimentary. 

Did you know? Any color can be matched. Just provide us with a picture and email it to us at

Custom Color Bath Accessories

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