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Feel of Sferra Giza 45 Luxe Bedding

SFERRA Giza 45 Luxe sateen sheets represent the absolute pinnacle of luxury bedding. They are masterfully crafted from the rarest and most precious cotton in the world.

How the Sheets Will Feel:

  • Unparalleled Softness: Woven from exclusive Giza 45 extra-long staple Egyptian cotton, these sheets offer an exquisitely soft, delicate hand.
  • Silky Smoothness: The densely woven sateen provides an incredibly smooth, silky feel that is absolute indulgence.
  • Enveloping Warmth: The denser sateen weave creates an enveloping, cozy, and luxuriously warm feel against the skin.

The Look of the Sheets on Your Bed: 

  • Elegant Luster: Sateen's iconic lustered finish gives the pristine white sheets a soft, refined glow befitting of ultimate luxury.
  • Understated Elegance: The pure white color and single hemstitch detailing create a look of impeccable, timeless sophistication.
  • Indulgent Drape: With their substantial weight, the sheets drape in sumptuous, fluid folds.

About the Fabric:

  • Supreme Indulgence: The densely woven Giza 45 cotton yarns provide an unmatched quality and substance. 
  • Denser: As an opulent sateen weave, the fabric is denser and heavier (less breathable) compared to percale.
  • Unrivaled Longevity: Giza 45 is the longest, strongest cotton, ensuring these sheets provide incredible durability.
  • Fewer Wrinkles: Sateen's properties help minimize wrinkling, though some care is still needed.