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Feel of Sferra Giza 45 Sateen Bedding

SFERRA Giza 45 Sateen sheets are the embodiment of opulent luxury. They are made with the world’s finest cotton and crafted into a soft, sumptuous, sateen weave.

How the Sheets Will Feel:

  • Indulgently Silky: Woven with rare Giza 45 extra-long staple Egyptian cotton, these decadent sateen sheets feel silky.
  • Sumptuously Soft: The long and fine Giza 45 fibers create supple softness that seems caresses the skin
  • Warmer to the touch: True to the dense sateen weave, this fabric delivers a warmer, cozier feel.

The Look of the Sheets on Your Bed: 

  • Elegant Luster: Sateen's iconic lustred finish gives the sheets an upscale, refined glow befitting of the most luxurious boudoirs.
  • Impeccable Finish: The crisp single hemstitch and wide flanges provide a crisp, tailored aesthetic.
  • Sophisticated Palette: The solid neutral color options exude timeless sophistication.
  • Graceful Drape: The premium quality cotton and sateen weave drapes elegantly on the bed.

About the Fabric:

  • Denser: As a dense, tightly-woven sateen, the fabric is slightly less breathable compared to percale.
  • Decadent Weight: The densely woven Giza 45 cotton provides wonderful heft and substance for an indulgent feel.
  • Unrivaled Longevity: Giza 45 is the longest, strongest cotton, making these sheets exceptionally durable.  
  • Fewer Wrinkles: Sateen's properties help minimize wrinkling, though some care may be needed.