Abyss & Habidecor Custom 'A La Carte' Options

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Did you know that ABYSS & HABIDECOR offers custom options?  

  • CUSTOM SIZED BATH RUGS: Available in the Must and Reversible styles. Also available in the 'A La Carte' program rugs.  

  • A LA CARTE' SPECIAL RUG SHAPES:  Wide range of custom shape options available for every space.

  • CUSTOM COLORED TOWELS, RUGS & ROBES: Available in Super Pile & Twill Towels, Super Pile Robes, and the Must & Reversible Bath Rugs


Rugs can be custom sized up to 57" x 78" rectangle/square, or 57" round.

The MUST RUG is a luxuriously plush bath rug at an approx. 1" pile with an inset frame. These rugs are one sided and can have a non-slip coating applied at the factory to help them stay put on slick surfaces. This non-slip backing is no additional charge and does not affect the laundering process.

The REVERSIBLE R UG is aptly named for this 'reversible' bath rug that features a plush pattern on one side with an inset frame in the twist pattern with the reverse side being the opposite. These rugs are approx. 3/4" thick and just as luxurious as the Must.



Is a simple rectangle rug just not going to cut it? Want something truly unique? Habidecor offers a wide range of custom options for every space. Let us know what you are looking for and we will be happy to walk you through the process of ordering your perfect rug.


Even though Abyss & Habidecor have an expansive palette of 60 beautiful colors, you may have a specific color in mind that you can't seem to find. Have Abyss & Habidecor's most popular collections custom colored to match your bathroom tile, bed linens, wall decor, anything! Contact us for minimum ordering quantities and we will walk you through the process of creating your perfect custom color.

Custom Color Program available in collections: Super Pile & Twill Bath Towels, Super Pile Bath Robes, and the Must & Reversible Bath Rugs.