How to Wash Abyss Towels and Habidecor Rugs

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Washing Instructions:

  • We recommend cold or warm water wash
  • Tumble dry at low temperatures
  • Always wash towels and rugs separately from other home textiles and garments (zippers, hooks, snaps, and velcro will pull material)
  • Do not wash towels and rugs together
  • We recommend the use of liquid soap
  • We recommend the gentle liquid soap of Heritage Park Fine Fabric Wash
  • DO NOT use detergents (i.e Tide, All, Wisk, etc.) - they contain caustic chemicals that are harmful
  • NEVER use bleach, even on white towels and rugs
  • NEVER vacuum
  • NEVER use fabric softeners - they coat the cotton with a chemical that prevents water absorption
  • DO NOT dry clean
  • DO NOT iron
  • Certain cleaning and hygiene products contain ingredients which cause bleaching, some of these include: blemish creams (i.e Proactive), products containing alpha hydroxyl and fruit acid, hair coloring products, bathroon cleansers, and teeth whiteners


Product that we recommend:


Heritage Park Fine Fabric Wash

Heritage Park Fine Fabric Wash is the ultimate laundry detergent to effectively remove tough stains and gently preserve fine luxury fabrics for years to come. Harsh detergents weaken fabric thread fibers, causing them to look dull. This leads to damaging holes, rips or pilling to develop. This highly concentrated, specialized solution preserves and gently cleans all laundered luxuries while preserving the fine thread fibers, making them look and feel beautiful.