Fine Linen and Bath Towel Guide

We often have customers that are looking for towels, but aren't certain of exactly what to look for. Here we've compiled some of the most frequent questions we hear that might help.

Towel Sizes

What are the standard towel sizes? Towels can vary a little in size depending on the brand and the collection. It's also good to keep in mind that most brands will list measurements based on when the towel is sewn, however, they then will be pre-washed and pre-shrunk. Some custom made towels are also hand cut, so the measurement listed on towels are not always exact and can vary up to an inch. Below are average dimensions.

Wash Cloth 12” x 12”
Hand Towel 16 x 30”
Bath Towel 30” x 60”
Bath Sheets 40” x 70”


Additional Sizes

Some brands have additional sizes of towels that are in between the standard sizing. Some examples of these are wash mitts, guest/fingertip towels, larger hand towels or Euro bath sheets.


Wash Mitt, like a towel glove?

Yes, exactly like a towel glove. Great as an alternative to wash cloth, these little wash mitts tend to be most popular for children’s bath time, but why can’t adults use them too? Well, we can!

Guest or Fingertip towels, what’s the difference?

There is no difference between guest towels and fingertip towels. Both tend to be a size in between a wash cloth and a hand towel, typically around 12” x 20”. These size towels are perfect for round or half-round hooks as, at times, these can be installed over a vanity top and have less clearance space.

Large and Extra-Large Hand Towels, why the additional sizes for these?

Besides simply preferring a larger size hand towel, some people use them as hair towels, since the hand towels are too small to wrap long hair up, and bath towels tend to be too large and quite heavy. The larger hand towels can also be used as children’s size towels.

Bath Sheets; no, they’re not for your bed.

Bath sheet sizes can vary quite a bit from one brand to another and some manufacturers even offer two different sizes. For some customers, the idea of a bath sheet is just far too big, but these over sized towels are great to wrap up in. Just keep in mind that they do require more space when washing. Just a couple of these jumbo towels tend to fill up most washing machines.

So, what IS the best towel?

This is a question I hear just about every day from customers, and the answer is… there is no one, simple answer. To be honest, the perfect towel for one customer could be far from another customer’s favorite. So how do you choose? By asking customers a few simple questions, we can typically narrow down the options. Things like what color you’re looking for and if you want a thick, heavy-weight towel or a thinner, light-weight towel will thin down the selections quite a bit. Then looking at your price range and what feel you prefer can help us then be able to send you a few swatch samples that should get us to the perfect towel for YOU!


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