Abyss Mix Bath Towels - Lagoon (302)

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Abyss's Mix towels are exactly that, a wonderful mix of colors that prodice a uniquely fun towel. Made of 100% Giza Egyptian Extra Long Staple cotton, these towels are mid-weight and absorbent at 700gsm.

We want you to be completely satisfied with your color choices and are happy to send you color swatch samples to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Wash and Tumble Dry at low temperatures. Drying hot will greatly reduce the life of the towel. Do not over-dry towels and rugs. Using care when washing will add years to the life of your Abyss Super Pile towels.

Do NOT bleach or use any detergent containing bleach. Beware of facial creams or ointments. These can cause discoloration and stains. Avoid fabric softeners as these can coat the cotton fibers in unnecessary chemicals and can reduce absorbency and can make your towel or bath rug less soft over time.

If pulls or snags should occur, simply snip them down to the level of the other loops. This will not affect the towel. Always wash Super Pile towels by themselves, without clothing, rugs or other home linen items. If pulls are noticed after washing, check your washing machine for any sharp plastic that may have been previously damaged by zippers. Wash whites and colors separately.

Personalize your towels! CLICK HERE for information on custom monogramming.

Abyss Monogram towel

Abyss fashion towels are custom ordered from Portugal and require 2-4 weeks to ship.

We welcome you to contact us with any product questions and to request a complimentary color swatch sample to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Customer Reviews

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Loretta F.
Abyss Ripple Towels

Have loved these towels for years. They are beautiful and they are the only towels I will buy. It is true they are more expensive than many towels out there, but so well worth it. I budget so that when I need replacements, I will have the money.

Diana P.
ATYS towels are SUPERB

By far, the best towels I've ever owned. Treat yourself - you're worth it!!

Deborah Anderson
Color verification

When shopping with Fine Linen and Bath you can make sure your colors are the correct ones for the project. Thank you for samples!

Donald S.
Luxury towels

Great quality and artistically made, top notch.