Laundry Mesh Wash Bags - Fleece Robes, Coats, Blankets and Throws –

Blanket Laundry Mesh Wash Bags - Pack of 5 - By Heritage Park Laundry Essentials

Product Description

Heritage Park Laundry Essentials Micro-Mesh Wash Bags are durable and allow water to freely flow in and out of the bag. The hidden zipper is rust resistant and stays securely closed throughout the entire wash cycle.

These extra large bags are ideal for use with luxury bedding, bath towels, fine table linens, silk products and lingerie.


One (1) Jumbo Black Bag (23" x 23") 

Two (2) X-Large White Bags (20" x 23")

Two (2) Large White Bags (16" x 20")  

Wash Bags (Pack of 5) Price: $ 35.00

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