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Mike and Ally Chantilly Bath Accessories - Mocha/Gold
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Product Description

Mike and Ally's Chantilly Bath Accessories show the exquisite workmanship by Mike & Ally’s talented artisans. Each piece is embellished with flowers and leaves embedded in a strip of hand set Austrian crystals. Available in gold or silver trim and in all enamel colors.

The enamel color shown in the main image is Mocha/Gold, however, this collection can be custom made with any of their beautiful enamel colors.To order this collection in a different color than shown, please call us to order with one of our knowledgeable design consultants.

Available pump colors as seen left to right in image are: Polished Silver, Matte Silver, Polished Gold, Matte Gold and Matte Copper. Please note pump color selection at checkout in the order notes area.

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Delivery lead time is between 6 to 8 weeks as this custom collection is personally hand made to order by Mike and Ally artisans in New York City.

Please contact us for assistance when shopping from this custom collection. We are happy to provide you with personalized service, enamel color samples, or additional custom color options. If you do not see a color that matches your decor we can have a custom color swatch sample made for you.

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Mocha/Gold / Jewelry Box / (4"W X 2.5"H) Price: $ 342.00
Mocha/Gold / Wood Brush Holder / (3.25"W X 4.25"H) Price: $ 123.75
Mocha/Gold / Soap Dish / (5.5"L X 4"W X 1.75"H) Price: $ 191.25
Mocha/Gold / Oval Cottonball / (4.5"L X 3.5"W X 5"H) Price: $ 247.50
Mocha/Gold / Oval Trinket / (4.5"L X 3.5"W X 2.5"H) Price: $ 236.25
Mocha/Gold / Oval Metal Vanity Tray w. Mirror / (12.5"L X 9.25"W) Price: $ 423.00
Mocha/Gold / Metal Lotion Pump / Small (3.25"W X 7.75"H) Price: $ 207.00
Mocha/Gold / Box Pump / (2.75"W X 8.25"H) Price: $ 135.00
Mocha/Gold / Tip Towel "T" Stand / (13.75"W X 9.25"H) Price: $ 364.50
Mocha/Gold / Metal Flat Towel Holder / (7.75"L X 4.75"W X 2"H) Price: $ 378.00
Mocha/Gold / Hand Towel "U" Stand / (9"W X 16.25"H) Price: $ 382.50
Mocha/Gold / 3X Magnify Mirror / (13.75"H X 9"W) Price: $ 355.50
Mocha/Gold / Boutique Tissue / (5.75"L X 5.25"W X 6"H) Price: $ 288.00
Mocha/Gold / Long Tissue Box / (Fits 4"H X 9"L Box) Price: $ 288.00
Mocha/Gold / Straight Wastebasket & Liner / (8.75"L X 7"W X 11.5"H) Price: $ 348.75
Mocha/Gold / Mini Bin / (6.75"L X 6.75"W X 9.75"H) Price: $ 360.00
Mocha/Gold / Wastebin w. Lid & Liner / (7.5"W X 9"L X 12"H) Price: $ 405.00
Mocha/Gold / Wastebin & Liner / (7.5"W X 9"L X 12"H) Price: $ 382.50
Mocha/Gold / Tumbler / (3.25"W X 3.75"H) Price: $ 146.25
Mocha/Gold / Wood Rectangle Tray w. Mirror / Small (10"L X 6"W X 1.5"H) Price: $ 213.75
Mocha/Gold / Rectangle Wood Tray w. Mirror / Medium (10"W X 15"L X 1.5"H) Price: $ 450.00
Mocha/Gold / Short Square Wood Container / (3.75"W X 3.75"L X 4"H) Price: $ 175.50
Mocha/Gold / Tall Square Wood Container / (3.75"W X 3.75"L X 5"H) Price: $ 184.50

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