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A Book Lover’s Delight: A Beautiful Backrest Fit for Your Bedroom

  • by Mary Babinski
  • 3 min read

Settling into bed with a good book is one of life's rich pleasures. Slipping between soft, cozy sheets with the latest bestseller or that historical novel you've been meaning to start can keep you up turning pages into the wee hours. We are avid readers, and we know how magical it is to lose track of time in a book.

We also know how quickly that joy can be tempered by waking up in pain. After hours of reading without the proper back and neck support, your upper body is likely to be stiff and sore. Of course, you could always use a standard-issue reading pillow or bed wedge, the kind that looks like you grabbed it out of a college dorm room. But then you'd have to find a place to hide it during the day because, let's face it, the fabric style of most of these pillows is straight out of 1975.

Here at Fine Linen and Bath, we don't think our book-loving clients should ever have to compromise. Read in supportive comfort and luxurious style that complements your bedroom décor with the Pique Backrest Pillow from Peacock Alley.

The Pique Backrest Pillow from Peacock Alley

Why You Should Use a Bed Pillow for Reading

Maintaining proper posture is essential for comfortably reading in bed. This means sitting up straight with proper support for your lower back and keeping your legs stretched in front of you; and piling up your regular pillow and blankets is not going to do the job. A backrest -- also known as a "chair pillow," "boyfriend pillow," or "husband pillow" -- with armrests is your best option for getting support, proper alignment, and extra comfort. No more positioning yourself at awkward and painful angles! (Note: you may also want to purchase a "book chair" to keep your book or tablet closer to eye level and minimize neck pain, and make sure you have adequate light in the room).

Pique Backrest: A Stylish Addition to Your Bedroom

This is not your grandmother's "husband pillow" by any stretch of the imagination! Our beautiful backrest is made to order in Peacock Alley's Dallas, TX workroom from 100% Portuguese cotton pique fabric with your choice of a dozen piping trim colors including White, Black, Carnation, Lilac, Meadow, Midnight, Ocean, Pewter, Platinum, Primrose, Sky Spring and Coral. You will want to display this stylish pillow on your bed; you can even add a monogram for a personal touch (and to remind other readers in your house not to steal it!). This bed backrest is also the perfect bed rest pillow or lounger.

Pique Backrest is a stylish addition to your bedroom

Available Monogram Styles. 

Pique Backrest is a stylish addition to your bedroom

Designed with a zipper, the removable cover can be machine washed or professionally cleaned; machine wash the pillow cover in cold water, gentle cycle, with a detergent formulated for fine linen like All-Purpose Luxury Detergentfrom Heritage Park Laundry Essentials. Polyester fill insert is included.

A recent product review from our customer Maureen states:

"My 14 year old granddaughter loves this backrest pillow! We ordered it with the lavender piping to match her room!. It is beautiful. Very high quality, comfortable and practical. My granddaughter uses it all the time, especially since teenagers spend so much time in their room!"

You'll love snuggling in to the generous embrace and extra support of this oversized pillow; it measures 31" inches across the front (including ergonomic arms), 15" high at the center, and a depth of 18" from the backside of armrests. You will stay comfortable and well-positioned no matter how long you read. If you've always wanted to tackle "War and Peace," now is the time!

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