Abyss Habidecor Buyers Guide: Comparing Abyss Double Bath Mat to Habidecor Must, Reversible and À La Carte Bath Rugs

Habidecor bath rugs

Wondering about differences between an Abyss bath mats and Habidecor bath rugs? We explain the differences and help you to select the best floor covering options to turn your bathroom into a spa-like retreat.


SFERRA Sheet Buyers Guide: Comparing Celeste vs. Corto Celeste vs. Simply Celeste

Sferra's Celeste sheet collections redefine the look-and-feel of a great night's sleep. In the article, we compare Sferra's Celeste vs. Corto Celeste vs. Simply Celeste sheet sets. These are the sheets dreams are made of.

The Best Bedding for Sensitive Skin: Cotton and Silk

skin irritation

If struggling with eczema, dust mite allergies, or skin irritation due to a sensitivity or underlying skin conditions, selecting the proper bedding material can help keep you and your skin healthy. People with sensitive skin should choose bedding made with breathable natural fibers like silk or cotton.

Twelfth Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Is your 12th wedding anniversary fast approaching? Looking for an extraordinary twelfth anniversary gift idea? We're particular fans of the twelfth anniversary, which the traditional list recommends celebrating with gifts of linen and silk. Choosing a memorable 12th-anniversary gift of silk or linen is easy with this gift guide.

What is Giza Cotton?

Giza is a high-quality Egyptian cotton based on the length and diameter of its fiber. You may be hearing a lot about "Giza cotton", today we explain what Giza cotton is. If you are looking for the highest quality bed linens, towels or sheet set that are weaved to be the softest, most supple fabric that is comfortable and durable, look no further than Giza cotton.