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Matouk Milagro Towel: Soft, Airy and Absorbent Luxury Cotton Bath Towels

  • by Mary Babinski
  • 6 min read

Matouk Milagro luxury bath towels are soft, absorbent, and quick to dry. Spanish for “miracle,” Milagro is the best-selling towel style from Matouk. This article takes a detailed look at the Milagro cotton towel collection and illuminates why Milagro is so very special.

Milagro: The Spanish Word for “Miracle”

At Fine Linen and Bath, we advise our clients that no single towel style is likely to please everyone. And that makes sense, because picking the right towel comes down to weighing the qualities that matter most to the individual. Plush, absorbent towels, for example, are typically heavy and take longer to dry; lighter weight towels, as a rule, dry quickly but may not offer the softest feel or strongest absorbency.

But once in a great while, a towel comes along with a rare and special blend of qualities – and a memorable name – that set it apart. Matouk Milagro is just that small miracle of a towel.

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Our favorite qualities of the Matouk Milagro bath towel

  • Soft and fluffy
  • Luxuriously lighter in weight
  • Absorbent towel
  • Quick drying

Of course, it’s no surprise that Milagro is Matouk’s best-selling towel and a perennial favorite among our discerning clientele. Let’s take a closer look at these stunning, versatile towels and explore why they are so very special. We think you just might discover why Milagro could be the best bath towel for you.

Matouk Milagro Zero-Twist towels

More About Matouk Milagro Bath Towels

Matouk Milagro towels are woven in Portugal from luxurious 100% Egyptian 'zero-twist' long-staple yarns (more on zero-twist below). At 550 GSM (grams per square meter), Milagro towels are lighter in weight while still feeling indulgently thick and plush. If you crave a luxury bath towel that is super soft and dries quickly, the Milagro collection is for you!

Milagro towels are available in a host of sizes from wash cloth to bath sheet with matching tub mat; the Matouk Milagro bath towel measures a generous 30” x 60” which is significantly larger than standard bath towel sizes and closer to the dimensions of a spa bath towel. Choose from 23 on-trend shades ranging from subtle pastels to vivid jewel tones to complement any bath accessories or décor. Coordinating deep-pile Milagro bath rugs with non-stick backing are also available in two sizes and a smaller range of colors. Milagro towels – like all Matouk fabrics – are STANDARD 100 OEKO-TEX® as safe from harmful chemicals.

 Matouk Milagro Bath Towel features

Matouk Milagro Towels at a Glance


About Matouk Milagro Towels


100% Egyptian Long-Staple Zero Twist Cotton plain weave


550 GSM


Fluffy, absorbent, soft plush towel

Dry Time



23 beautiful colors: White, Periwinkle, Linen, Sterling, Steel, Aegean, Azure, Aqua, Navy, Ivory, Cerulean, Jade, Pool, Bahama Blue, Dune, Platinum, Peacock, Charcoal, Hot Pink, Petal, Night, Grass, Canary

Towel Sizes

Washcloth (12” x 12”)
Fingertip towel (12” x 20") 
Hand towel (20” x 32")
Bath towel (30” x 60”)
Bath sheet (40” x 70”)
Tub mat (24” x 36”)
Milagro bath rug/small (21” x 34”)
Milagro bath rug/large (24” x 40”) 
Rugs available in limited colors, includes non-slip backing

Safety Certification

STANDARD 100 OEKO-TEX® safe from harmful chemicals

Country of Origin



Bath towels sold in a pack of two for $108


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Our clients love the Matouk Milagro towels, here’s what they are saying:

"These are the most luxurious, thick, soft towels I have ever purchased, and I highly recommend them. I was pleased to hear from a FL and B designer who suggested colors to match a shower curtain pattern (cerulean and hibiscus instead of darker colors I selected) and sent me swatches--her suggestions were a perfect match!"

– Loretta F.

"These towels are the most luxurious towels I've ever purchased. They're soft and thick, and really dry your body."

– Cheryl R.

Like Being Wrapped in a cloud. Matouk Milagro is the thickest, softest towel ever.”

– Jan L.

Zero-Twist Cotton: The Secret to Lightweight Absorbency

What’s behind Milagro’s “miraculous” capacity to be an incredibly lightweight towel that is also super absorbent? The answer is zero-twist cotton. Most terry towels are constructed with a cotton loop that is twisted in the spinning process to add strength and uniformity. A high twist yarn is very durable and substantial.

The cotton in Milagro towels is “zero twist.” It is made with long-staple Egyptian cotton fibers, which are of the finest quality and inherently strong and durable. This cotton does not require twisting for strength. Instead of being twisted, the cotton fibers are held together with a special wrapping process that allows them to capture more air among them. This creates an Egyptian cotton towel that is exceptionally soft, plush, and lightweight while being quite absorbent and quick to dry.

Our friends at Matouk use the following analogy to describe zero-twist cotton: Think of a mop. If you twisted the mop fibers together, they would be less absorbent. Similarly, the cotton fibers in Milagro towels offer the maximum absorbency and softness at a lighter weight because they are not twisted together. These qualities are hard to find in a single towel.

23 beautiful colors of the Matouk Milagro Towels

23 on-trend shades ranging from subtle pastels to vivid jewel tones to complement any bath accessories or décor

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A Proud Legacy of Portuguese Textiles

Matouk Milagro towels are made in Portugal, a picturesque country that is home to the finest towel manufacturers on Earth. Situated next to Spain on the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal's textile tradition reaches back to the late 18th century, when Lisbon became a global capital of textile trade and manufacturing. That legacy continues today, with most of Portugal's textile mills and sewing factories now concentrated in the northern parts of the country. Portugal's textile workers are skilled fabric artisans, many of whom carry on a generations-long family legacy of craftsmanship. Milagro towels are a wonderful example of this proud tradition. You can learn more about the towels of Portugal here.

Caring for Your Milagro Towels

With proper care, your Milagro towels will stay plush and beautiful over time. Follow these simple steps to help your bath towel set stay beautiful and absorbent:

  1. Wash your new towels before using. Read the care label and carefully remove any plastic tags with scissors.
  2. Sort towels by color (light, dark, and white towels separately) and weight. Wash heavier items like higher GSM towels separately from Milagro towels so as not to overload your machine.
  3. Use a detergent specially made for luxury linen such as Heritage Park Luxury All-Purpose Detergent. This concentrated detergent is made with plant-based ingredients and a proprietary blend of cleaning enzymes in a pH-neutral formula. It will get your towels clean and protect the integrity of the fabric. Never use bleach or fabric softener.
  4. Wash in cool water to preserve color and protect towel fibers (white towels can be washed in warm or hot as needed for cleaning). Shake towels out after washing and tumble dry medium heat according to instructions; don’t overheat.
  5. Skip using dryer sheets, which leave a waxy build up on towels and your machine. Instead, dry your towels with a set of wool dryer balls to restore softness and decrease drying time.

Over time, even plush towels can lose a bit of their softness and smell a bit stale despite regular washing. This happens due to mineral build up from hard water. Happily, you can revive and restore your luxury towels to “like new” condition in two simple steps using just baking soda and vinegar in your washing machine. Read more about how to keep your luxury towels soft and beautiful with these cleaning instructions.

About Matouk

For nearly 100 years, Matouk has handcrafted luxury linens from the world's finest materials. Matouk's factory in Fall River, Massachusetts is a family business, home to a tight-knit group of artists, craftspeople, and professionals who are uniquely attuned to the needs of American consumers. Matouk has earned the loyalty of generations of fine linen customers. Milagro is a favorite towel among discerning clients, interior designers, and hotel and estate managers around the world, the brand has built a well-deserved reputation for the highest quality bedding, bath linens, table linens, and decorative accessories.

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