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The Towels of Portugal: A Legacy of Artistry and Innovation

  • by Mary Babinski
  • 8 min read

The finest luxury bath towels on Earth are made in Portugal. This article explores Portugal's unique legacy of textile craftsmanship. It also highlights popular towel brands and styles that are made in Portugal.

Inside the Article:

Portugal: Home to the Finest Luxury Towels on Earth

If you're in the market for exceptional luxury bath towels, your search will likely lead you to Portugal.

The most luxurious towels we sell at Fine Linen and Bath are made in Portugal. Indeed, this picturesque country is home to many of the finest towel manufacturers on Earth. Situated next to Spain on the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal's textile tradition reaches back to the late 18th century, when Lisbon became a global capital of textile trade and manufacturing. That legacy continues today, with most of Portugal's textile mills and sewing factories now concentrated in the northern parts of the country.

Generations of Textile Craftsmanship

Portugal's textile workers are skilled fabric artisans, many of whom carry on a generations-long family legacy of craftsmanship. Portugal's textile industry is also a significant piece of its economy (see ‘About the Portugal's Textile Industry' below). The majority of an estimated 6,000 textile companies in Portugal are small to medium-sized, making them uniquely able to innovate and respond quickly to evolving customer needs.

Inspired by Portugal's Natural Beauty and Cultural History

The towels of Portugal are uniquely beautiful, as they reflect the tradition and design aesthetic of the country itself. Similar to traditional Portuguese tile, these towels are known for their intense hues which reflect the vibrant tones of the sea, sky, and land of the Iberian Peninsula. A towel labeled, “Made in Portugal” signifies quality, luxury and distinctive beauty.

Anyone fortunate enough to visit Portugal can speak to the beauty of the country and the detailed artistry of its traditional tiles. Known as “azulejos,” these tiles can be found in private and public buildings around the country. The intense color palette is mirrored in the towels of Portugal, which reflect the influence of azulejos on contemporary design sensibilities.

Images of Portuguese tile on outside building walls in Lisbon 2018

Images of Portuguese tile on outside building walls in Lisbon 2018

Discover Portuguese Luxury Towels at Fine Linen and Bath

At Fine Linen and Bath, we proudly carry bath towels made in Portugal from many of our signature brands. Although they come in different colors, GSM weights, styles and price points, each is a wonderful representation of Portugal's textile tradition: luxury, artistry, and uncompromising design.

About the Portugal's Textile Industry

  • 10%+ of export revenue
  • 2% of national gross domestic product
  • 4% of workers
  • 1/5 of all manufacturing jobs
  • Approximately 6,000 companies (many small and medium in size)
  • Interestingly the majority of these are small to medium companies which contributes to flexibility and innovation

Abyss Towels: Legendary Quality and Design

For more than 40 years, Abyss and its sister company, Habidecor rugs, have crafted high-quality, luxury bath linens in Portugal from the softest Egyptian cotton. Abyss towels are made from Egyptian Giza extra-long-staple (ELS) cotton which is cultivated by hand on the banks of the Nile to be soft, strong, durable and absorbent. Abyss Habidecor bath linen collections are known for its stunning range of sixty designer color choices. Dyed by master craftsmen, Abyss towels are Habidecor rugs are exceptional at holding deep, intense colors. Abyss/Habidecor is committed to sustainability; every product meets OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 guidelines for safety.

Abyss Super Pile Towels

Long-loop Egyptian Giza Extra Long Staple Cotton makes for a towel of superior absorbency and performance. Super soft, absorbent, and a dream to dry off with, the Abyss Super Pile weighs in at a hefty 700 gsm for absolute luxury. Abyss towels are constructed of extra-long loop terry and bound with a bias trim made of string cotton canvas fabric; they're finished with continuous, curved corners that are more durable than a traditional square finish. Clean, classic styling and unparalleled luxury make Super Pile the perfect addition to your bathroom space. Available in sixty colors.

Abyss Twill Towels

The unique woven texture of a twill bath towel stimulates the senses and pleases the eye in a lighter weight option. Abyss Twill Towels boast a stylish lined texture that delivers a gentle exfoliating feel while remaining absorbent and luxurious. At 500 gsm, the Twill towel is the lightest option in Abyss' premium line. Abyss Twill also features the company's signature bias trim and durable curved corners. These lightweight towels wash easily and dry quickly making them an ideal choice for more humid climates. Available in the full range of 60 designer colors, the Twill bath sheet sizes are perfect for beach, pool, or yacht towels and have select colors that are UV treated to resist fading in sunlight.

Abyss Bath Towels: Super Pile (left) and Twill (right)

Abyss Bath Towels: Super Pile (left) and Twill (right)

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Graccioza Towels: Tradition Meets Innovation

Founded in 1975, Graccioza is now a third-generation family business. Graccioza's line of premium bath linens—bath towels, rugs, mats, and robes -- are manufactured in its very own textile mill in Northern Portugal. This enables Graccioza to offer a wide range of color options and a shorter lead time than comparable luxury brands. The Graccioza Collection represents the perfect union of elegant European design; the finest textiles; and cutting-edge manufacturing technology.

Graccioza Egoist Luxury Bath Towels and Rugs

Graccioza Egoist towels weigh in at a voluminous 800 gsm for the utmost absorbency and softness. They are woven from long-staple Egyptian Giza cotton, the finest cotton fabric on Earth. Egoist bath linens are also treated with an antibacterial formula to be resistant to mold and fungus; your bath towel will stay fresh and soft to the touch over time. Available in 30 color choices and a variety of sizes to complement any style bathroom. The Egoist collection includes matching bath rugs in all 30 colors; a woven bath mat in eight colors; a robe in three colors; and pool towels treated to resist sun and bleach. Graccioza's Egoist Bath Rugs use both woven and tufted construction for softness and support in superior combed cotton.

Graccioza Bee Waffle Towel

Graccioza Bee Waffle bath towels are soft with an eye-catching textured design and a pleasing, exfoliating feel at a 550 gsm middle-weight. They are easily machine washable and dry quickly. They come in 20 colors and a variety of sizes, including coordinating waffle weave bath mats. The Bee Waffle line also features two styles of bathrobe (each available in six colors) and a range of matching pool towels treated to be sun and bleach resistant.

Graccioza Bath Towels: Egoist (left) Bee Waffle (right)

Graccioza Bath Towels: Egoist (left) Bee Waffle (right)

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Matouk Towels: Bringing the Best of Portugal to the United States

For nearly 100 years, Matouk has handcrafted luxury linens from the world's finest materials; the brand is favored by discerning clients, interior designers, and hotel and estate managers around the globe. Matouk's factory in Fall River, Massachusetts is a family business, home to a tight-knit group of artists, craftspeople, and business professionals uniquely attuned to the needs of American consumers. With that in mind, Matouk imports some of its luxury bath towel collection directly from Portugal; other lines are manufactured in the USA from fabric woven in Portugal.

Matouk Milagro Bath Towels

It's easy to see why Milagro (Spanish for “miracle”) is Matouk's best-selling towel collection. The Matouk Milagro bath towel is woven from luxurious 100% Egyptian cotton 'zero-twist' yarns to a weight of 550 GSM. The result is a towel that is pleasingly lightweight while still feeling thick and plush. At the same time, the Milagro collection is known for its absorbency and softness. Milagro's range of beautiful colors means you'll find the perfect match for every bath in your home. The Matouk Milagro bath towel is 100% cotton, 550 gsm, made in Portugal, available in white and 18 vivid color choices.

Matouk Cairo Bath Towels

The Cairo collection is made in the USA from midweight fabric woven in Portugal. Matouk Cairo's design is simply beautiful: pure, plush long-staple cotton terry, adorned only with an understated piped edge. Opt for white trimmed with a pop of color or a soothing natural tone with piping to match. Either way, this sophisticated collection has the perfect bath towel for you. Matouk Cairo is made in the USA from 100% long staple cotton fabric woven in Portugal, 625 gsm. Available in white with eight trim options or six colors with matching tonal trim.

Matouk Bath Towels: Milagro (left) Cairo (right)

Matouk Bath Towels: Milagro (left) Cairo (right)

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Sferra Towels: A Tradition Beauty, and Comfort

For more than 125 years, Sferra has been known for creating the finest luxury linens in the world. Sferra linens have graced the White House, the private plane of Pope John Paul II, and the finest hotels and residences around the globe. Sferra is renowned for sourcing the world's choicest natural fibers for its fabric. That commitment to using ONLY the very best explains why Sferra -- an Italian company -- produces some of its most luxurious towels in Portugal.

Sferra Bello Towels

Bello towels are the definition of soft simplicity; they're crafted the finest combed cotton woven into a perfectly plush and absorbent 700 gsm towel. With a classic design and unforgettable softness, Sferro Bello is pleasing to the eye and the touch. Its signature honeycomb pattern dobby complements any decor. A revolutionary dyeing process renders this stunning bath towel fade-resistant to sunlight, repeated washings, and many common bleaching agents. Coordinates with the Maestro Bath Rug. Made in Portugal from 100% combed cotton terry with honeycomb patterned dobby border, 19 color options.

Sferra Amira Bath Towels

Available in a spectrum of calming colors, the lightweight Amira is a welcome sight after a steamy shower or bath. Amira has an uncommonly lustrous sheen and a hint of geometry in its dobby border. Even more welcoming: the feel of its sumptuous extra-long-staple cotton terry against your skin—soft, plush and thirsty—making Amira bath towels a true sensory experience. Amira's ground is 100% ELS cotton; loops are a lush blend of 50%modal/50% ELS Zero-twist combed cotton for a lush feel in 550 gsm. Made in Portugal, 7 color options.

SFERRA Bath Towels: Bello (left) and Amira (right)

SFERRA Bath Towels: Bello (left) and Amira (right)

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Peacock Alley Towels: The Bath As a Sanctuary

Peacock Alley creates luxurious bath linens built around the concept of everyday indulgence and superior quality. Peacock Alley's Portuguese towels are plush, soft, and stylish… everything you need to outfit your bathroom oasis in elegance and comfort.

Peacock Alley Jubilee Bath Towels

Peacock Alley's Jubilee Bath Towels are their signature towel collection—elegantly simple and anything but basic. Jubilee' granite weave with a ruched, striped border is a thoroughly modern design. With a bit of “scruff” to buff your skin, Jubilee is 600 gsm long staple cotton for comfort and absorbency. Add a finishing touch with the textured weave bath mat in 850 gsm. Towels are weave with a framed border. Available in white and three neutral tones to match any décor.

Peacock Alley Chelsea Bath Towels

Made with the modern family in mind, Peacock Alley's Chelsea Towel is fluffy, thick and super soft. This towel is made from long staple cotton that has a zero-twist design. This zero-twist technology keeps its long loops from twisting, which gives Chelsea a hefty hand that's light as a feather and fast to dry -- perfect for the busy family where towels get plenty of use. Styled with a wide-ribbed dobby for a clean and simple look. 100% Cotton, 600 gsm weight. Available in white and three neutral tones.

Peacock Alley Bath Towels: Jubilee (left) Chelsea (right)

Peacock Alley Bath Towels: Jubilee (left) Chelsea (right)

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We hope you've enjoyed our “tour” of the towels of Portugal. Please give us a call with any questions or to learn more. Our design consultants are available to help you select your perfect towel; we'll even send you free sample swatches to examine at home.

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