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About Signoria Firenze

About the Brand
Tuscany is the elegance of its hills & vineyards, the décor & flowering gardens of its villas, and the birthplace of the Renaissance. Signoria Firenze was born from this heritage in the 1930s among the rolling Tuscan hills just outside of Florence specializing in traditional Florentine hand-made embroideries. Signoria defines itself from this heritage of elegance, art, and fashion. Even today, no Signoria collection is not designed, cut, or sewn in their Tuscan premises. Tuscany continues as the life and soul of Signoria and a constant source of design inspiration for its collections. Signoria weaves tradition with innovation, marrying art with uncompromising quality. The art combines the Florentine tradition of hand-made textiles with the quality of fabrics woven from the world’s finest cotton, then dyed & finished employing renowned Italian innovative techniques. Since its birth in the 1930s, Signoria has been owned and actively managed by only two Tuscan families. The 1980s brought Signoria to international markets yet firmly rooted in its Tuscan artisan origins. Today, Signoria has a well-established worldwide distribution network including a US-based stocking warehouse in Greensboro, NC with customer service in Miami, ensuring fast deliveries and attention to customer’s needs.

Product Lead Time

Signoria products are regularly stocked in their North Carolina warehouse and take 2-3 business days to ship out. Products with a lead time are noted on the product listing.