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Percale Bedding

Percale fabric is a cool, crisp, luxurious bedroom standard that gives you the feel of sleeping in a luxury five-star hotel. Percale is light and breathable with a fresh feel. It's ideal for summertime sleeping and can also be used year-round by anyone who is a hot sleeper.

Percale sheeting is very durable and delivers a cool, crisp, feel that many people love. Percale's coolness means it is wonderful for use in warm climates, during summer months, or for anyone who sleeps hot. Percale is a breathable fabric that helps keep you comfortable for a great night's sleep.

Sateen Bedding

Sateen is a lustrous finish cotton fabric that is made with a
three-yarn-over, one-yarn-under weave pattern. This is what gives sateen its beautiful luster and drape.

Sateen is silky with a warmer feel, making it better for cooler
seasons and climates. Sateen weave also tends to wrinkle less than percale (but still may wrinkle a bit). Additionally, sateen sheets
typically come in a greater number of colors and more vivid color options than their percale counterparts.