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Buyer's Guide to SFERRA Percale Bedding

  • by Mary Babinski
  • 4 min read

The Italian luxury linen maker SFERRA offers a variety of percale sheet collections to suit your style and budget. This article outlines your many options for SFERRA percale sheet sets of different weights and price points.

SFERRA: Multiple Options In Luxury Percale Bedding

As a leading retailer of SFERRA bed linens, we regularly field calls asking for help choosing among the brand's many stunning percale collections. These are some of our favorite inquiries! We begin by congratulating the client for investing in luxury bedding -- always a smart decision -- and thanking them for soliciting our input. We love this part of our job. At Fine Linen and Bath, we've built a reputation for delivering a concierge buying experience, so we're always happy to provide individual guidance with such important purchases.

When it comes to SFERRA's percale collections, our best advice is that you absolutely cannot go wrong no matter your choice. All of SFERRA's percale sheets are pleasingly cool and crisp with a signature soft feel. With that said, the varying collections are differentiated by price point, style, range of color options, thread count, and feel. Much of this comes down to personal preference and, of course, budget.

What Are Percale Sheets?

Percale sheets are a plain weave and characterized by a matte finish and crisp feel. Cotton percale linens are light, incredibly soft and breathable. Percale sheets have a tight, flat cotton weave with a crisp feel similar to a dress shirt. Because of percale's tighter weave you would think it would make you warmer but due to the thinner yarn used, percale sheets provide you with a cooler sleeping experience. Percale sheets are better for those who ‘sleep hot' or live in a warm climate by providing a cooler sleep year-round. You can learn more about percale weave and how it compares to sateen weave here.

The following guide will help you compare SFERRA's most popular percales; for discussion purposes, we will address them in order, from “good” to “dream” quality. Whichever SFERRA's percale sheet collection you ultimately choose, you are going to love sleeping in these sheets!

GOOD: SFERRA Grande Hotel

SFERRA Grande Hotel is a crisp percale linen that creates a five-star hotel feel in the sanctuary of your bedroom.

Sferra Grande Hotel Sheet Sets

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Grande Hotel details: Woven from 200 thread count long-staple cotton percale, with a double row of satin stitch embroidery. Eleven available colors include white/white, ivory/ivory, and white with nine stunning color options to coordinate with other SFERRA bedding.

Why we love SFERRA's Grande Hotel bedding: This tailored collection is styled after the linens that grace the world's finest hotels. Ideal for anyone looking for a sophisticated look with a touch of color. SFERRA's Grande Hotel sheets define luxury at an affordable price point.


SFERRA's best-selling percale bedding, Celeste, is woven from pure, extra-long-staple cotton for a super soft hand and cool comfort.

Sferra Celeste sheet sets

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Celeste details: Beautiful in its simplicity, SFERRA's Celeste collection delivers understated elegance with a simple hemstitch detail. Celeste is woven in Italy from fine Egyptian cotton to a chamois-soft 400+ thread count. Available in white, ivory and seven other solid pastel tones.

Why we love SFERRA's Celeste bedding:Clients fall in love with Celeste bedding (and to be honest, so do we). We adore the color options, higher thread count, and subtle design flair of the hemstitch. Celeste bedding also coordinates beautifully with all of SFERRA's duvets, coverlets and throws, making it ideal for anyone looking for options with color.


SFERRA's Finna is minimalism at its best: visually understated and functionally exceptional, with a unique double hemstitch finish.

Sferra Finna sheet sets

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Finna details: An elegantly clean canvas, Finna is made from extra-long-staple cotton woven to a 525 thread count for a tighter weave and richer feel. Double hemstitch detailing. Available in five stunning neutral color options.

Why we love SFERRA's Finna bedding:Finna sheets are a step up on both thread count and feel. They are made with an exclusive finishing technique that delivers a unique feeling of sleekness and comfort. The double hemstitch finish is very rare and specialized adding a unique design detail.


Made from the finest cotton on the planet, Giza 45 sheets are the ultimate in opulence and comfort.

Sferra Giza 45 sateen sheet sets

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Giza 45 details: Woven in Italy by master craftsmen, these sheets are spun from the longest staple cotton on Earth, grown only in the fertile Giza valley of the Nile River. Cotton this beautiful defies comparison; there is simply no equal. Learn more about Giza cotton here. Finished with a classic hemstitch. Available in White and Ivory, 500 thread count.

Why we love SFERRA's Giza 45 bedding:If money were no object, these are the sheets we would recommend every time. These sheets are the most supple and indulgent of their kind, a treat to the senses for any luxury bedding lover.

Side-by-Side Comparison of SFERRA Grande Hotel vs Celeste vs Finna vs Giza 45 Percale Bedding


- Good -
Grande Hotel

- Better -

- Best -

- Dream -
Giza 45 Percale

Thread Count

200 400 525 500

*based on a Queen sheet set

$539.00 $847.00 $1,093.00 $1,766.00

Color Options

White/White, Ivory/Ivory

White with 9 embroidery colors

9 solid pastel hues

5 neutral colors

White, Ivory


2-line embroidery Hemstitch Double hemstitch Hemstitch


Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King Twin, Full, Queen, King, Cal King Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King Queen, King, Cal King

Shipping Lead Time

3 - 5 business days 3 - 5 business days 3 - 5 business days 3 - 5 business days


Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King Twin, Full, Queen, King, Cal King Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King Queen, King, Cal King

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