Building Your Perfect Bed

At Fine Linen and Bath, we've made a mission of helping clients like you design the beds of their dreams. Your bed is your oasis and should reflect your personal taste, style, and sense of comfort. With so many stunning options on offer, our luxury linen brands are sure to capture your imagination. You may choose the peaceful vibe and airy brightness of classic white linens; dive deep into bold colors, patterns, and textures; or opt to combine styles for a look uniquely your own.

As you begin, take a moment to review these helpful guidelines. From the bottom up, we break down bedding essentials and offer recommendations to help you start the process. These are only suggestions…please feel free to call us at any time to get more information, specific guidance, and complimentary swatch samples.

Building your perfect bed one layer at a time

Start with Sheets

First things first: sheets! The sheets and pillowcases are the most important part of your bedding and deserve utmost attention. Choosing the right bed sheets will help ensure a blissful night's sleep. Start by selecting fabric style, which requires pinpointing your personal preference. If you're choosing cotton, first decide whether you prefer percale or sateen sheets. Below is a quick comparison, and you can learn more here: The First Step in Shopping for Luxury Bedding - Deciding between Percale or Sateen Sheets

Percale Sheets

Percale is a crisp, cool and luxurious textile. Percale bedding is high-quality, closely woven percale is light and breathable with a fresh feel. It's ideal for summertime sleeping and can also be used year-round by people who like to sleep "cool." High-thread-count percale is cozy and durable.

Percale Pros: Most durable, light, cool, crisp, feels like sleeping in a 5-star hotel.

Percale Cons: Wrinkles*. Percale sheets look best when they are pressed. It's also a crisp fabric; some people don't like their "crunchy" sound.

*Putting percale sheets on the bed right out of the dryer helps minimize wrinkles. Iron the pillowcases, since those will show.

Sateen Sheets

Sateen sheets are thicker and known for their luster and drape. Sateen feels silky and soft to the touch. Sateen is a warmer fabric and ideally suited for cooler weather or those who are looking for warmth in their bedding.

Sateen Pros: Soft, silky feel. Warmer, good for cold climates, wrinkle less than percale, typically more color options

Sateen Cons: Warmer (not ideal for summer months) and wrinkle lightly.

Top Percale and Sateen Brand Recommendations

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Best Sateen Sheets/Bedding Brands

Matouk Nocturne Hemstitch sheets

Silk sheets - a third option

Silk is another option for sheets, with a completely different look-and-feel than either percale or sateen bedding. Silk sheets are prized for their beauty and luxurious feel as well as for their unique properties. Like hair, silk is protein-based; it's known to be gentle on both hair and skin, Beauty experts tout the restorative properties of sleeping on silk is a wonderful way to minimize both sleep wrinkles and "bed head." Silk is hypoallergenic, non-irritating, and breathable, which makes it a good choice for regulating body temperature.

Best Silk Sheets/Bedding

Learning to Layer

Your next step is deciding on the bedding layers. Do you like the feel of a full bed with a blanket, duvet cover, shams, and decorative pillows? Or do you prefer a lighter-weight quilt or coverlet? Perhaps you want just a simple blanket. It's a lot to consider…but there's no need to stress. We'll address this one layer at a time, beginning with the lightest weight bedding: blankets and coverlets.


While both are light in weight, blankets differ from coverlets mostly in feel and finishing. Blankets typically feature a softer cotton feel with a relaxed drape. One blanket style, for example, is a plush, brushed cotton with a bound edging. Another is a woven knit, typically finished with a rolled edge. The relaxed drape offers a casual look where a blanket can be cleanly tucked in or left out. In general, blankets come in a limited range of colors.

Top Blanket Recommendations


These are similar to blankets in weight but lend a more sophisticated style. Coverlets are often a tighter weave and can be woven to a matte finish (a little more casual), or a sateen finish with a slight sheen (a touch more sophisticated). Coverlets are usually part of a layered bed, lying between the flat sheet and a duvet cover. This makes them quite versatile in transitioning from a summer bed with the coverlet alone, to a winter bed with an added duvet.

Top Coverlet Recommendations

Quilted Coverlets

Next up in weight are quilted coverlets. These are most often a sateen finish and can feature any number of quilting patterns. Filled with polyester batting, they range in thickness. These can be paired with a blanket underneath for additional warmth when needed. Quilted coverlets used to be quite popular; in recent years, however, most luxury brands have reduced production to one or two styles or discontinued them entirely (likely because most quilted coverlets require dry cleaning). The exception to this trend is Home Treasures, which is the go-to source for custom quilted coverlets, with dozens of options in weave and color.

Top Quilt Coverlets Recommendations

Duvet Covers

Duvet covers are a must for the quintessential ‘fluffy' bed. Soft and super inviting, duvet covers come in a wide variety of fill weights and materials. (Note: duvet stuffers/inserts are a separate topic. Today we are focusing only on covers). To maintain a consistent design ethos, we recommend matching the duvet cover to your chosen sheet collection. For instance, if the sheets feature a touch of color and embroidered line finish, the duvet cover will follow suit, normally a framed design on the top of the bed. If the sheets are a bold color, the duvet cover will mirror that as well.

Finishing Touches

Bed Skirts/Dust Ruffles

A bed skirt or dust ruffle is a piece of decorative fabric that runs along the sides and foot of a bed, placed between the mattress and the box spring, reaching down to the floor. A bed skirt covers the sides of the box spring or the space under the bed. A bed skirt also adds a style component to the bed ensemble. There are two types of bed skirts: gathered and tailored.

Gathered Bed Skirt

A gathered bed skirt provides a traditional look, with fabric loosely bunched and secured to create appealing folds. The corners are often split to accommodate bed posts.

Tailored Bed Skirt

Tailored bed skirts look modern and sleek, with box pleats and straight lines.

Shams and Decorative Pillows

Shams and decorative pillows are your final layer; they're added over the standard sleeping pillows. Shams should match a coverlet or quilt if one is used; if not, match the duvet cover. Lastly, decorative pillows can add a touch of pizzazz and personality to the bed. Pull ideas from the surrounding decor and for recommendations, feel free to email us a photo of your space and we'll be happy to send you some ideas!

Bed Throws

A great throw blanket can add color and style as well as provide a sense of comfort and warmth to the bedroom. In choosing a throw, draw your inspiration from the room's décor: artwork, curtains, or paint colors. You can even pick up color from the décor in an adjoining master bath; this is a creative way to connect the two spaces.

Bed Throw Recommendations:

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