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Style and Warmth for Your Bed: A Buyer’s Guide To Luxury Blankets

  • by Mary Babinski
  • 5 min read

When styling your bed, your thoughts probably turn first to choosing the perfect set of luxury sheets. And after that, perhaps a duvet cover, quilt, or other accessories. But there’s an important layer to luxury bedding and home decor that you should never overlook: your blanket.

Typically nestled between the sheets and duvet cover or coverlet, a well-made blanket is key to year-round sleep comfort. Luxury blankets are available in a variety of fabrics, weights, and designs to accommodate seasons, temperatures, and sleeping styles. Choose cotton for warmer weather or “hot sleepers” and heavier weight pure wool or blends for extra warmth on cold nights. Best of all, today’s luxury blanket styles are stylish and beautiful in their own right; some of the most popular blankets are available in throw blanket (to drape over the back of a chair or sofa) and baby blanket sizing for this very reason. Learn more about the differences between a luxury throw and a blanket here.

At Fine Linen and Bath, we proudly carry luxury blankets for beds in a multitude of styles, weights, color choices, and materials. Your options range from a cashmere blanket to an organic cotton blanket to a pure merino wool blanket and beyond, every one of which is crafted by the finest linen manufacturers on earth. Our design team has put together a guide to some of our favorite plush luxury blankets for your review.

Matouk Sintra Blanket, Egyptian cotton

The Matouk Sintra blanketis cozy, ultrasoft, and sumptuous. Made in Portugal from brushed Egyptian cotton, Sintra is generously oversized to allow for shrinkage. The plain edge hem on the blanket features a tight woven binding. Sintra is perfect as a lightweight summer blanket or an additional layer for year-round warmth.

Matouk Sintra blanket

The Matouk Sintra blanket is available in White, Silver, and Ivory in Twin, Full/Queen and King sizes. $248 and up.

Peacock Alley All Seasons Blanket, Egyptian cotton

The Peacock Alley All Seasons blanket features brushed cotton with a textured binding, and is remarkably plush and super soft. Made from 100% Egyptian cotton, The All Seasons blanket is made to be as natural and comfortable as possible, and even comes in throw and baby blanket sizes.

Peacock Alley All Seasons blanket

The Peacock Alley All Seasons blanket is available in White, Natural, Linen and Flint in Throw, Twin, Queen, King, Super King and Crib sizes. $75 and up.


SDH Legna Blanket, Wood Fiber/Wool Blend

The SDH Legna blanket blends Italian wood fiber with wool for a silky look and feel. This opulent blanket is woven in Italy with mitered corners. It is stunningly warm yet wonderfully lightweight, which makes great for chilly winter nights and year-round use. Made of 83% Wood Fiber/17% Wool.

The SDH Legna blanket is available in Silver and Cloud in Twin, Queen, and King Sizes. $581 and up.

SFERRA Grant Blanket, Cotton

The SFERRA Grant blanket is cozy, comforting, and simple. This 100% cotton blanket is woven in herringbone stripes for a classic look that perfectly accents any bed. Finished with a plain hem, this blanket is soft and warm; a blanket for all seasons. Made in Portugal with plain hem and mitered corners.

SFERRA Grant blanket


The SFERRA Grant blanket is available in Gray, White, Ivory, and Navy in Twin, Full/Queen, and King. $180 and up.

SFFERA Kingston Blanket, Egyptian Cotton

The SFERRA Kingston blanket uses a classic waffle weave. The texture is designed to shelter warmth, while the pure cotton fabric offers inviting softness and comfort. The Kingston is pre-shrunk to maintain its generous size that accommodates deep mattresses. Made in Portugal from 100 percent Egyptian cotton.

SFFERA Kingston Blanket

The SFERRA Kingston blanket is available in White and Ivory in Twin, Full/Queen and King. $175 and up.

SFFERA Olindo Blanket, Pure Merino Wool

Woven in Italy, The SFERRA Olindo blanket is crafted from the rarest and most extraordinary Merino lambswool in all of Australia. This ultra-fine wool is known for its supreme comfort and warmth. The wool is spun and woven into a plush ground with an exceptionally lofty weave. This unique construction creates countless tiny air pockets within the fabric, these little thermal bubbles form the secret to Olindo's soft, spectacular warmth. Each generously sized luxury blanket is finished with fabric-bound hems for durability. Made in Italy of Ultra-Fine Pure Merino Wool, imported from Australia.

SFFERA Olindo Blanket

The SFERRA Olindo blanket is available in Sand and Ivory in Twin, Full/Queen, and King. $760 and up.

Yves Delorme Maillon Blanket, Cotton

The Yves Delorme Maillon blanket delivers a layer of warmth and luxury to your bedding ensemble. It’s an essential layer, finely crafted in a delightful basket weave. Made in Turkey of 100 percent cotton.

Yves Delorme Maillon Blanket

The Yves Delorme Maillon blanket is available in Blanc (White), Platine (Platinum Grey), and Pierre in Queen and King Sizes. $245 and up.

Yves Delorme Nymphe Blanket, Cashmere

The Yves Delorme Nymphe cashmere blanket is the ultimate luxe layer for your bed. Made with a mix of Chinese and Mongolian cashmere in two-ply yarn for the perfect texture.

Yves Delorme Nymphe cashmere blanket

The Yves Delorme Nymphe cashmere blanket is available in Queen and King in Nacre (Ivory) and Silver. 100% pure cashmere, made in Italy. $1,495 and up.

Caring for Your Washable Luxury Blankets

With proper care, your bed blanket will stay beautiful and comfortable for many years. There’s more good news: many cotton blankets are machine washable. Of course, we recommend reading and following the manufacturer’s washing instruction guidelines to the letter for best results.

If you are washing your cotton or washable fleece blankets, we recommend the following:

  • Spot treat any stains as soon as they occur with a small amount of detergent before laundering.
  • Machine wash blankets by themselves in a front-loading machine using cold or warm water (pending manufacturer’s instructions) on a gentle cycle with a small amount of detergent.
  • Tumble dry on the lowest heat setting possible to minimize shrinkage. You should not iron your blanket.
  • Never use bleach, fabric softener, or dryer sheets.

When washing any type of blanket, we recommend using a detergent specially formulated for luxury linen such as Heritage Park Luxury All-Purpose Detergent. This concentrated detergent contains powerful cleaning enzymes to clean and remove tough stains while preserving the integrity of your fine fabric. (Note: never wash a weighted blanket or faux fur blanket unless the care instructions specifically allow).

The Fine Linen and Bath Design Team: Here to help

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