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Buyer’s Guide to Scandia Home Down and Down Alternative Comforters and Duvet Inserts

  • by Mary Babinski
  • 8 min read
Scandia Home is famous for its vast collection of down comforters (duvet inserts), featherbeds, and pillows. This buyer’s guide provides a detailed overview of Scandia’s down and down alternative comforters.

Inside this Article:

Scandia Down Comforters (Duvet Inserts)

A fluffy down comforter is an essential element to any luxurious bed. Sometimes called a “duvet,” a comforter -- encased in a cover of your choice -- provides a welcoming, cloud-like layer for the top of your bed. And when it comes to the highest quality down comforters, the collection from Scandia Home is esteemed the world over for offering unrivaled indulgence.

With Scandia, you’ll discover clouds of the world’s finest premium white down, covered in silky soft, high-thread count ticking, and then finished with meticulous tailoring. Scandia Down comforters are available in three weights to suit individual sleeping preferences. Each comforter is generously sized and the baffle-box construction alleviates cold spots by keeping down from dispersing. Hand-filled and crafted in the United States from the finest imported materials, each comforter is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity and the Scandia Down Limited Warranty. Scandia Home also offers a down-alternative comforter of superior quality for those discerning clients who are sensitive to down.

Scandia Home Comforters

Fine Linen and Bath is pleased to carry the Scandia Home line of comforters. This helpful buyer’s guide will assist you in learning more about this luxurious bedding accessory and choosing your perfect comforter.

Choose Your Ideal Comforter: Fill, Fabric, Density, and Size

Fine Linen and Bath is pleased to offer a range of Scandia Home comforters to suit your taste, sleeping style, and budget. Choosing your ideal Scandia comforters comes down to four variables: 

Comforter Fill

Down is the fluffy layer underneath the feathers of geese; it is nature's finest insulator. Down keeps you cozy in winter and also provides a light breathable layer in warmer weather. Down clusters are structured somewhat like snowflakes with dozens of soft, fine filaments.

Scandia Home uses only premium down from mature birds that have superior down clusters.Scandia Home comforters are filled with various types of goose down, including Siberian, Hungarian, Polish, and European, with different types of down coming at different price points.

As down filaments "loft" (expand and fluff), they create thousands of tiny warmth pockets, trapping air and body heat, keeping you comfortable and making the down luxuriously lightweight. Fill Power is a guide to measure the loft of the down clusters (their ability to regain their original volume after being compressed). High fill power down provides more warmth with much less weight, and so is more costly.

Scandia down is certified hypoallergenic and Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certified, an independent designation verifying that the down comes from animals who have not been subjected to unnecessary harm. Scandia Home also produces a down-alternative fill comforter that is completely hypoallergenic.

Comforter Fabric

Scandia Home down and down alternative comforters come in a range of fabric options, from cotton twill ticking to cotton sateen to lightweight silk jacquard. They are all hand-tailored to the highest standards of craftsmanship in the Scandia Home workrooms in Wisconsin. Some fabrics are more expensive than others, which will be reflected in the price of the comforter.

Weight of the Comforter

Scandia Down comforters come in a range of weights, typically Light, Medium, and Ultra, with some styles available in an Ultra-Light Weight. A heavier weight comforter will be more costly as it contains more down. Choosing the right weight comforter comes down to personal preference and whether one sleeps “hot” or “cold.” Comforters can also be swapped out to accommodate changing seasons. Individual preferences may vary but typically:

    LIGHT is a summer weight, and these comforters are ideal for warm climates, warmer bedrooms, or cool summer nights. They bring just a touch of warmth and a whisper of weight.

    MEDIUM is a year-round weight and these comforters are great for most climates and temperature-controlled bedrooms. Designed for cool nights and summer evenings, they offer year-round warmth in a range of climates. 

    ULTRA is a winter weight and are an ultra warm comforters that are suited to very cool temperatures and thermostat settings. Incredibly luxurious, they are the antidote to a cold winter’s night. They are thick and fluffy, and perfect for cold climates.

    Comforter Size

    Scandia down and their down alternative comforters come in the following sizes:

    • Twin (71” x 86”)
    • Queen (90” x 94”)
    • King (108” x 94”)
    • Luxe King (116” x 102”)

    With these factors in mind, let’s preview the wonderful collection of comforter from Scandia Home and help you choose your perfect style.

    Supreme Comforter Offerings: St. Petersburg and Chamonix

    The St. Petersburg and Chamonix styles are for those who require the absolute best. With RDS 800-900 fill power Siberian white goose down, sumptuous fabric covers of pure silk or nano-sateen, and hand stitching, these are simply the finest the world has to offer. They are lofty, soft to the touch, and the ultimate refinement for the home.

    St. Petersburg Siberian White Goose Down Comforter

    The St. Petersburg comforter is Scandia Home's most luxurious and regal offering. Scandia Home sourced the finest of Siberian white goose down to craft the most premium quality down comforters. Covered in superior German silk damask and with an 850-900 fill-power, resulting in a sublime ratio ensuing supreme fluff and loft. Heirloom-quality comfort is the ultimate refinement for your home. Handcrafted in the United States, the St. Petersburg comforter is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and service for a lifetime. Light, Medium, Ultra Weights in Twin, Queen, and King sizes. Limited availability in Lux King.

    Scandia Home St. Petersburg Comforter
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    Chamonix Siberian White Goose Down Comforter

    Inspired by its historic namesake in the valley beneath Mont Blanc, the Scandia Chamonix comforter merges lighter than air comfort with optimal thermal performance and delivers the pinnacle of pure luxury for down bedding. With an 800-850 fill-power, goose down clusters provide ideal loft for warmth and volume, while the 100% cotton Austrian nano-sateen shell ensures a soft, silky touch and the weight of a whisper. Handcrafted in the United States, the Chamonix comforter is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and service for a lifetime. Ultra-Light, Light, Medium, Ultra Weights in Twin, Queen, King, and Lux King sizes.

    Chamonix Down Comforter
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    Luxurious Comforter Styles: Vienna and Salzburg

    Vienna and Salzburg are simply the best in their class. With RDS 720-750 fill power Polish white goose down, these elegant comforters bring a sense of luxury to everyday life. Enveloped in elegant, German ticking fabrics, the Vienna and Salzburg styles are sumptuous accompaniments to any master bedroom.

    Vienna Polish White Goose Down Comforter

    One of Scandia Home's best sellers is the Vienna Down Comforter. Old-world artistry meets the ultimate comfort in this lavish offering. The Vienna comforter is filled with 750 fill-power pure Polish white goose down and enveloped in a Scandia crest-patterned cotton batiste from one of Germany's finest mills. The result is a finish that is soft, fine, and light to the touch. Handcrafted in the United States, the Vienna comforter is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and service for a lifetime. Light, Medium, Ultra Weights in Twin, Queen, King, and Lux King sizes.

    Vienna Down Comforter
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    Salzburg Polish White Goose Down Comforter

    The Salzburg comforter combines the extraordinary loft of Scandia Home's 720 fill-power Polish white goose down nestled in an exquisite 400 thread count German sateen shell. Handcrafted in the United States, the Salzburg comforter is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and service for a lifetime. Light, Medium, Ultra Weights in Twin, Queen, King, and Lux King sizes.

    Salzburg Down Comforter
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    Classic Comforter Styles: Lucerne and Copenhagen

    These Scandia Down classic comforters are luxurious, versatile offerings appropriate for any bedroom in the house and offer a warm welcome to guests. Beautifully appointed, these styles are created with RDS 600-650 fill power European

    or Hungarian white down, enveloped in sumptuous ticking. Soft, lofty, and comfortable, the Lucerne and Copenhagen are also ideal for second homes.

    Lucerne Hungarian White Goose Down Comforter

    Scandia Home designated the Lucerne comforter to be filled with 650 fill-power pure Hungarian white goose down and covered with a silky-soft cotton damask stripe ticking. Fine engineering and exceptional details make it a Scandia classic. Handcrafted in the United States, this comforter is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and service for a lifetime. Light, Medium, Ultra Weights in Twin, Queen, King, and Lux King sizes.


    Lucerne Down Comforter
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    Copenhagen European White Down Comforter

    The Scandia Home Copenhagen comforter is an excellent entry point into a world of refinement. 600 fill-power European white down is wrapped in soft cotton cambric ticking. Handcrafted in the United States, the Copenhagen comforter is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and service for a lifetime. Ultra-Light, Light, Medium, and Ultra weights in Twin, Queen, and King sizes.

    Copenhagen Down Comforter
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    Down-Free Comforter Offering: Bergen

    With an all-cotton outside shell and fill made to mimic the long fibers of down, Bergen is hypoallergenic, washable, and affordably priced.

    The Bergen Down-Free Comforter

    Bergen Down-Free comforter offers the ultimate luxury to those extra-sensitive sleepers who prefer a down-free environment. The Scandia Supra-Cluster© microfiber has been engineered to strict specifications to deliver all the comfort, loft and luxury one would expect from the highest-grade natural goose down filling. Lustrous cotton cambric ticking and beautifully piped edges provide a level of detail synonymous with Scandia. Light and Medium weights in Twin, Queen, and King sizes.

    Bergen Down-Free Comforter
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    Note: All Scandia down and down alternative comforter styles have matching pillows. Click here for a buyer’s guide to these.

    *Responsible Down Standard Certified (RDS)

    Caring for Your Scandia Down Comforters

    Follow care guidelines on the label of your Scandia down comforter. Always use a duvet cover and launder regularly.

    When it comes time to clean your Scandia down comforter itself, professional cleaning is recommended and may be required to maintain Scandia Home’s lifetime limited warranty coverage. Improper cleaning, or the accumulation of soiling and stains, may cause premature wear and void the warranty coverage. Depending on the habits of the household, we recommend cleaning your down products every 2-4 years.

    Scandia Home comforters are not returnable due to hygiene guidelines; however, our design team is available to answer questions and offer guidance to help you find the best comforter for you.

    About Scandia Home

    The origins of Scandia Home date back to 1971 when a catalog company in Seattle introduced a comforter-and-linens set called the "Scandia Down® Ensemble". It helped introduce the European way of dressing the bed to the American market.

    Since then, Scandia Home has been bringing the best of European-style comfort into discerning homes for 50 years. Exceptional materials and outstanding workmanship have made the Scandia name synonymous with fine bedding around the world. A commitment to superior comfort, uncompromising quality, enduring style, and a total white glove experience has made Scandia Down products the luxury standard.

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