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Graccioza Egoist Towels - Luxury Towel Made to Resist Bacteria and Odors

  • by Melanie Viaje
  • 4 min read

The Heavyweight Luxury Towel Made to Resist Bacteria and Odors

There’s a lot to love about a heavyweight, luxury towel. Incredible softness. Superior absorbency. And, of course, the absolutely luxurious feel. But most heavyweight towels come with one drawback: thanks to their bigger absorbent capacity, they take a long time to dry. That means that they can allow bacteria to grow and odors to develop between washes, which can seriously diminish your luxury towel experience.

Unless you’ve got Graccioza Egoist towels, a best-selling style from Fine Linen and Bath.

Crafted by Portuguese towel manufacturer Graccioza, Egoist changes the game. These heavyweight, European towels are made with the finest Egyptian cotton for superior durability and performance; high-quality craftsmanship, and exacting design details; and with a special treatment that resists bacteria, mold, and odors for long-lasting freshness.

“Graccioza Egoist truly changes the game when it comes to heavyweight luxury towels,” says Mary Babinski, founder and design lead at Fine Linen and Bath. “Our clients appreciate being able to enjoy a thick, spa-style towel that delivers extra absorbency while staying remarkably fresh.”

Graccioza Egoist Bath Towel Collection: Signature Style and Innovation

The Graccioza Egoist Towel Collection is the ultimate in luxury and absorbency. The bath towels weigh in at a voluminous 800 GSM. They are woven from 100% extra-long-staple Egyptian Giza cotton; recognized as the finest cotton on Earth, Giza cotton is grown in unique conditions of the fertile valley of the Nile River and harvested by hand to protect the integrity of the fabric (learn more about Giza cotton here).

Graccioza bath towels are made with rounded corners and double-sewn for extra durability and a sewn-in loop for hanging. They come in 31 designer shades, and sizes including wash mitt and washcloth; guest towel; three sizes of hand towels; bath towel; two sizes of bath sheet; bath mat; and bath rugs. The Egoist collection also includes bath robes and beach towels.

All Egoist bath towels are treated with BeSo FRESH, an antibacterial formula that inhibits bacteria, mold, odors and fungus growth; beach towels are made to resist fading from the sun and bleach as well as staining from suntan lotion. 

Graccioza Egoist Bath Towels

Fine Linen and Bath Clients Love Graccioza Egoist

“The Egoist towels are terrific. Soft, absorbent, and even at 800 GSM they seem to dry quickly. I’ll be ordering some for Christmas gifts.” -- Jane, Topeka, KS


“Superb towels! Feels great, dries the body beautifully, rich colors, surprisingly easy in the washer and dryer.” – William, Bridgton, ME

Graccioza Egoist Towel Overview


About Graccioza Egoist Bath Towels


100% pure Giza extra-long-staple cotton


800 GSM for greater absorbency

Color Options

31 designer shades

Design Details

Double sewing, rounded corners for improved durability, hook for hanging

BeSo FRESH resists mold, bacteria


Sixty designer shades
Piece dyed for color consistency
Directly match bath mats and Classic and Prestige rugs

Towel Sizes

Wash Mitt (7" x 9")
Wash Cloth (12" x 12")
Guest Towel (12" x 20")
Hand Towel (18" x 30")
XL Hand Towel (20" x 39")
Bath Towel (28" x 55")
Bath Sheet (38" x 59")
Bath Sheet (41" x 72")

Coordinating Bath Mats

Mats: (20” x 31”) 100% combed cotton, non-slip silicone back, 8 colors

Rugs: Five sizes, 100% combed cotton, non-slip silicone back, 31 colors

Cloud Bath Rugs: Three sizes, Washable cotton with removable memory foam insert, 8 colors

Coordinating Robes

S, M, L, XL in White, Storm, Silver, Fog, Natural

Coordinating Beach Towels

38" x 79"

7 solid color options


Machine washable

Country of Origin



Close-up of the Graccioza Egoist Bath Towel

BeSo FRESH: A Revolutionary Textile Technology

Graccioza has always been known for cutting-edge innovation in textiles. The incorporation of BeSo FRESH into the Egoist line continues that tradition. BeSo FRESH is the perfect solution for a heavyweight, luxurious towel like Egoist because it prevents bacteria from growing on the towel fibers. 

  • Protects textiles from odors
  • Longer-lasting freshness
  • Less laundering needed

This makes Graccioza Egoist towels quite easy to care for. Machine wash with a pH-neutral, gentle detergent like Heritage Park All-Purpose Laundry Detergent. Sort towels by color and weight, and be sure not to overload your machine. Tumble dry on medium, and never use fabric softener or dryer sheets which can lead to a waxy build-up on the towel fibers, making them less absorbent. For more information on caring for your luxury bath linen, click here.

The Fine Linen and Bath design team are always here to help you choose your perfect towel. You can read more about towel sizes here. Feel free to contact us with any questions or for personalized recommendations about Graccioza Egoist or any of our luxury bath linen.

More About Graccioza

The Graccioza line of premium bath linens includes bath rugs, mats, towels, and robes. Manufactured in its own textile mill in northern Portugal, the Graccioza brand is dedicated to providing complete luxury in the bath, where all products embody the highest ideals in design, comfort, elegance, opulence, and tradition. The Graccioza Collection represents the perfect union of elegant European design with stunning shapes, the finest textiles, and cutting-edge technology. Backed by more than four decades of experience and a tradition of excellence, Graccioza bath linens redefine the concept of a luxurious bath.

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