High End Bed Skirts & Dust Ruffle Style Options


Bed Skirt

A BED SKIRT (also know as a DUST RUFFLE) is a piece of decorative fabric that runs along the sides and foot of a bed, placed between the mattress and the box spring, reaching down to the floor. A bed skirt covers the sides of the box spring or the space under the bed. A bed skirt also adds a style component to the bed ensemble. There are two types of bed skirts; Gathered and Tailored


Two common style options


Gathered Bed Skirt

A gathered bed skirt is the most common bed skirt and has been for years. Even today, the gathered look is something that can be appealing for traditional bedroom designs. For a look that is classic and dressy, a dark colored gathered bed skirt is a good option. Soft and curvilinear, it has fabric loosely bunched and secured to create pretty folds. The corners are often split to accommodate for the bed posts. While the gathered design has a feminine look, it’s not overwhelming. It can be used successfully in any bedroom without looking to feminine depending on the fabric selected.


Sample product images of gathered bed skirts below:


Tailored Bed Skirt

A second common choice is the tailored bed skirt this has a more modern, sleek look. If the overall look and feel of the room is to have dark or light colors with focus on items like the comforter or curtains, a solid color tailored bed skirt will work well. Tailored skirts are box pleated. This pleated look is becoming a popular choice today. The straight lines of the bed skirt gives people the chance to cover up the bed frame while not bringing too much attention to the floor.


Sample product images of tailored bed skirts below: