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The Difference Between a Down Blanket and Down Duvet Insert

  • by Scott Austin
  • 3 min read

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Down blankets and duvets are two popular choices for adding warmth and comfort to your bed. Understanding the difference between a down blanket and a down duvet insert options can help you make the best choice for your bedding ensemble.


Down Blankets

Down Blankets consist of a sewn-through (or stitch-through) construction, where the top layer of ticking is sewn directly onto the bottom layer to keep the down evenly distributed, Down Blankets are typically light to medium weight. They can be placed directly over the bed sheet to provide light warmth; they're a good option for warmer months or even year-round for a hot sleeper. Down Blankets are also typically sized a bit more generously than a duvet, as they're often used in lieu of a duvet, wool comforter or blanket, or other type of coverlet. Down blankets are an absolute bedding essential.

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Down Duvet Insert

A Down Duvet Insert, also known as a down comforter, is sized to fit inside a high-end duvet cover. This type of comforter comes in a variety of options for warmth, fill weight, and fill power (see ‘A word about fill power’ below). Luxury down duvet inserts are made with a baffle box construction for optimal thermal insulation. A baffle box is a vertical wall of fabric sewn to connect the top and bottom ticking layers, creating a grid inside the duvet The compartments created by the baffle construction give room for high fill power down to maintain maximum loft and prevent it from shifting. This ensures that the duvet maintains its thermal properties for winter warmth while eliminating cold spots.

Luxury duvet inserts are most often filled with white goose down and made from high thread count cotton; hypoallergenic down alternative or synthetic fill options are also available for those who are sensitive to goose down fill material or who have a dust mite allergy. Duvet inserts should be purchased at the appropriate warmth level; a lightweight comforter is best for a warm sleeper; a cold sleeper should increase to a heavier comforter with a higher fill power to stay warm.

Note: a duvet insert should not be confused with a duvet cover, which is a decorative comforter cover that encases the down feather insert. Many sheet collections include a coordinating duvet cover.

Quick reference: Down Blanket vs Duvet Insert

Down blankets are made of a sewn through stitch which typically translates to down comforters being more lightweight. Additionally, down comforters are sized up more than a duvet. A down duvet insert, however, is sized to fit inside a duvet cover and has a multitude of fill types and weights you can choose from. A white goose down comforter is typically considered the finest quality. You can also opt for a down alternative comforter that is filled with synthetic fibers.

A word about fill power

Fill power is used to measure the quality of the down clusters and is a measurement of the volume of down. The higher the fill power number, the greater the down's ability to "loft" and to insulate.

These down duvet inserts provide exceptional thermal insulation.

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