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What is the Difference Between a Luxury Bath Towel & Bath Sheet?

  • by Scott Austin
  • 3 min read

Bath Sheet vs. Bath Towel

When shopping for luxury bath linen, knowing the difference between a bath towel and bath sheet is essential information that can help you choose the right towel for any bathroom. Fine Linen and Bath is here to explain the benefits of these popular styles of luxury bath towels.

Bath Sheet

A bath sheet is oversized and made to feel much like a spa bath towel. Bath sheet size varies, but is always much larger than a standard bath towel; in some cases, a bath sheet approximates the size of a beach towel. A soft, absorbent bath sheet adds a true feeling of opulence and comfort when you step out of the shower. This oversize luxury towel is generous enough to wrap around your entire body without falling off. Because of its size, a luxury bath sheet may not fit on a standard towel rack and will require a hook.

Bath Towel

Bath Towels are perfect for everyday use and offer the same softness and absorbency as a bath sheet (if you purchase the same brand and collection). Bath towels are often sold as a set and they can easily be displayed on a towel rack or folded for storage in a cabinet or linen closet. A standard bath towel is perfect for smaller, guest, or children's bathrooms.

Bath Sheet and Towel Size Guide

Best Luxury Bath Towel and Bath Sheet Brands

Fine Linen and Bath showcases several luxury brands whose collections include plush bath towel and bath sheet size options:

Abyss Super Pile

The Abyss Super Pile is their best-selling towels, and with good reason. Made from super absorbent Egyptian cotton long-loop terry cloth, Super Pile Towels will surround you in spa-like softness. They're thick and heavy at 700 GSM ("grams per square meter," a measure of towel weight). Because of their weight, these towels will take up more room in our washing machine.

Along with a standard bath towel (28" x 54") Abyss Super Pile offers two bath sheet sizes: its regular bath sheet (40" x 72") and the smaller Euro bath sheet (39" x 59").

Abyss is great for anyone who loves a heavy plush towel with versatile size and color options. The Abyss Super Pile collection comes in 60 colors and offers sizes including washcloth, finger towel, three hand towel options, two bath matsizes, and a bath robe.

Graccioza Bee Waffle Towels

The Graccioza Bee Waffle bath towels are soft with an eye-catching textured design and a pleasing, exfoliating feel. At a lighter weight 550 GSM, these waffle weave towels are easy to machine wash and dry. They come in 20 colors and a variety of sizes, including coordinating waffle weave bath mats, washcloth, guest towel, and two size hand towels.

The Bee Waffle line includes a standard bath towel (28" x 55") and a bath sheet (35" x 72").

The Bee Waffle is wonderful for anyone liking a towel that is lighter in feel with a bit of texture. The collection also includes matching deck/pool towels (39" x 79") in the same weight and weave, treated to be sun and bleach resistant.

Matouk Milagro Bath Towels

Matouk Milagro (Spanish for “miracle”) bath towel is their best-selling towel collection. The Matouk Milagro bath towel is woven from luxurious 100% Egyptian cotton 'zero-twist' yarns to a weight of 550 GSM. The result is a towel that is pleasingly lightweight while still feeling thick and plush. At the same time, the Milagro collection is known for its absorbency and softness.

Matouk's bath towel measures a generous 30"x60" and is sold in a set of two. Bath sheets, also sold in sets of two, measure 40" x 70".

The Milagro Bath Towel collection is the perfect option for anyone who likes a thick, plush towel that is also lightweight and easy to wash.

To learn more about these and other luxury towel brands at Fine Linen and Bath, click here.

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