38 Best, Super Soft, Top Rated Luxury Bath Towels

38 top towel brandsPublished: May 31, 2016

You might get dizzy when you see the selection of towel brands available today. Where are you supposed to start? And how on Earth can you tell who is best? 

Some brands come from afar. From places like Europe, Portugal, or other exotic locales. Other towel companies have been around for 100 years and counting – those companies have been making towels since before you or your great grandparents even began showering.

Then there are new options made of natural and organic materials.

No worries. Your towel hunting doesn't have to be daunting.

If you're looking for the best towels, then we have made this handy list just for you.

Not only will we give you a great overview but you will also get to see the best luxury bath towels money can buy.

One thing we will promise you before we get started.

There's at least a few brands on this list that you have overlooked.

Enough said. Let's get started right at the top.

European Elegance - Abyss & Habidecor Super Pile Towels

Besides looking beautiful in dozens of colors that match any decor or any taste, Abyss & Habidecor's Super Pile towels offer absorbent power in 100 percent Giza Egyptian cotton. All other luxury brands are compared against these 700-gram weight best sellers.

Abyss & Habidecor Super Pile towels are strong but amazingly soft and always easy-to-care for.  Made in Portugal, they offer the signature rounded edges for an added touch of elegance. The US Testing Institute confirms the product's colorfastness, absorption and durability. A purchase of these towels is assurance of quality and beauty.

Beautiful Anali Towels

When you think of an Anali towel you probably will think of the phrase "exquisite needlework".  The reason for this is because when these towels first debuted it was all about fine embroidery.  The fine folks who make these beautiful towels try to use quality embroideries to the fullest whenever they create and design their well-known towels.

People recognize these towels by their intricate thread renderings and paintings of botanical subjects. Their designs consist of layers of threads which are blended so as to create a very realistic and stunning image.

The design of these beautiful towels is both traditional and classic. And while the towels have a very prominent American appearance the inspiration for the designs is taken from Asian and European sources.

Like Cashmere Supima Towels by Winter Park Towel Co.

Often referred to as 'the cashmere of cottons", Supima trademarked cotton is held to some of the highest quality standard in the world and offers a 35% longer fiber that increases softness and luster, and minimizes the effects of abrasion. These ultra-soft towels are so plush that many people falsely believe that they are a cotton/silk blend, but they are actually 100% cotton. The Royal Supima towels are made in Turkey, where luxury textile production is a true staple of the country. The truly great thing about these towels is that they are made of 100% SUPIMA® Cotton cotton that is grown in the USA by a select group of American Pima cotton growers. At 45% stronger fibers than regular cotton, Supima is extraordinarily durable and will become softer wash after wash. This towel is awesome!

Designers Guild Towels

When you use Designers Guild towels, it will be a great experience due to the nicely made options they have. Created by using Egyptian cotton and with the best possible linens, you can find one in a variety of colors and sizes. As with any towel styles, you can look through what they have to see which designs you like and once you locate some that you enjoy it's easy to buy a whole set of different shapes and sizes for anything you need. They also sell a lot of different options like bath mats and robes.

Belaire Ring Spun Cotton Towels

Beautiful Belaire ring spun cotton towels are manufactured from 100% long staple cotton. These amazing towels have been imported from Portugal.  These particular towels are super absorbent.  They are the same type of towels that you would find in many of the five-star hotels around the world.

These beautiful towels are 600 grams per square meter of fine quality and have a sewn in hangar loop. It is very important to wash these towels in cold water and dry them on a medium – low heat setting. Never use bleach when washing these exquisite towels and also never use benzyl peroxide.

Bella Kline Premium Towels

Bella Kline towels are manufactured from 100% ringspun cotton, giving them an incredible softness and a unique luxurious feel. Among the qualities that make this towel a very good choice include its absorbent quality. The terrycloth fabric enables the towel to have maximum absorbency, thereby performing its function incredibly well. Another impressive quality to note is its easy care quality. Bella Kline towels are manufactured to be very easy to care for; you can machine wash and dry them. Closely related, the fabric is processed to negate shrinkage, ensuring that towels maintain their form and shape longer. Furthermore, the quality of material and manufacturing process make this brand of towels very long lasting.

Traditional Christy Towels

Traditional Christy towels have been providing superior drying since 1850. These quality towels are also available in bathrobes and bed linens. They come in an amazing array of stunning colors that will suit any décor. A Chrisy towel only uses the finest materials and will add a touch of elegance to any home.

You can also purchase the newest collection of these towels that include hand-stitched embroideries. These towels are super absorbent and can be used in a variety of locations such as the gym, spa, bathroom, guest room, pool, and beach. They are made from 100% luxurious cotton.

Coyuchi Towels Impress Your Guests

Coyuchi towels are made from organic cotton and they are put together with attention to details. They develop simple styles with colors that reflect nature and keep refining their products until they are perfect enough to sell.

One word that comes to mind when looking at towels by Coyuchi is relaxed. They try to make sure that the colors of them are earth tones and they are inspired by nature. Not only can you feel good about how nice their products look, but they are also Fair Trade certified and created only with GOTS certified cotton that's organic.

Go Natural With Cuddledown Bamboo Towels

Anyone who loves a great towel loves the comfort that towel offers. Absorbency is necessary but comfort and luxury are always desired from a quality towel. With Cuddledown Bamboo towels, you get the best of both comfort and absorbency but with the added bonus of peace of mind.

Bamboo needs fewer chemicals than other materials like cotton. That means the towels you buy are sustainable as well as luxurious. This makes them what the Wall Street Journal deems a best-in-class towel. Judge for yourself by shopping from the vast selection of colors and styles available now.

Elegance Turkish Towels

There is nothing quite like 100% Turkish cotton for making elegant Turkish towels. You will find this quality of towel in all of the best hotels and resorts. Turkish cotton has the ability to absorb moisture far better than most other cottons from around the globe and therefore a Turkish 100% cotton towel is perhaps the most absorbent towel in the world.

Elegant Turkish towels also add beauty and design to any décor. You will be able to use these towels in every room of your home. These towels are also great for a fun day at the beach as either a towel or a blanket.

Fecido Towels – The Softest?

Fecido is a European manufacturer that concentrates primarily on delivering the best possible quality in a few very simple products. They make highly absorbent 100 percent cotton towels for use in the kitchen and bathroom. Their kitchen towels are available in a range of different jaunty patterns, all of which are durable, absorbent, and completely colorfast. Fecido's bathroom towels come in a wide range of solid colors. They're highly absorbent and usually come in a 4-towel set that includes a bath towel, a hand towel, a guest / fingertip towel, and a washcloth / face towel.

Fouta Herringbone Towels

The Fouta Herringbone towel has always been one of the best-selling towels because of its classic look that makes any bathroom décor look good. These towels have been featured in Architectural Digest Magazines and have won various awards for design and beauty.

The towels come in a variety of sizes and colors and can be used for the spa, bath, beach, pool,  gym, or sauna. The larger towels are often used as a sarong, towel wrap, or beach blanket. The Fouta Herringbone towel is very absorbent and soft and comes in a variety of beautiful looking designs.

Frette Bath Towels

These thick and soft towels are made of some of the best Egyptian cotton there is. They are extremely absorbent and they feel super soft to the touch. Not only are they plush, but they look as good as they sound, with beautiful double borders, delicate embroidery and macrame that gives them an air of sophistication. These are perfect for people who want to give their bathrooms a great look and/or love the idea of pampering themselves after taking a long, hot bath. You will not find another towel like this one anywhere in the world.

H&M Towels

H&M specializes in providing a wide array of towels. Being a towel specialist, you can expect their products to be top-quality. This expectation is one that H&M gladly meets. They provide customers with high-quality towels for different uses, including bath towels, hand towels, beach towels and much more. H&M uses cotton terry that is not only cozy but also available in a variety of color and prints.

When it comes to prints, you can make you pick from H&M towels with either embroidery or paisley patterns. In this regard, you can opt for H&M towels that have a character to them rather than plain towels; towels that are pleasing to the use as well as pleasing to use!

Hästens Towels

One thing that will immediately get your attention when it comes to these towels is how thick they are. There is nothing like using a towel that feels just as plush as a brand new pillow. These towels are created using 100% pure Egyptian cotton. All of the available colors are beautiful and they are fade resistant, which means they will be just as great looking after having them for a few years than they were when you first purchased them. These are ideal for at home use or great for a day at the beach.

Home Treasures Towels Work For Any Home!

If you buy Home Treasures towels, be prepared to enjoy their various types of towels. There are a variety of colors, and the different types have different origins so it isn't hard to learn which one you like to make it your family's default option.

Try out more than one in a set or buy a few at a time from each type of set to make your own. It's easy to care for these towels as long as you make sure to wash darks separately. Look for styles and colors you enjoy before making a choice and check back often to see if they have added anything new to their product line.

The Classic Hotel Waffle Towels

Hotel waffle towels have endured the test of time as a favorite towel for millions of family homes as well as hotels. The range of Hotel towels are made of long staple cotton towel. The characteristic waffle pattern that they sport makes for an endearing experience whilst you use the towel.

The experience of using the range of Hotel towels is further improved by the light-weight nature of the towels. The body towels a mere 630 grams, which is a shade lighter than other towel brands of comparable quality. Finally, the towels are easy to maintain as you can machine wash and dry them. (Drying is done in the low to medium heat range.)

Big Retail Yes... But JCPenny Towels Do Save You Money

While JCPenny towels are pretty fairly priced, that doesn't mean they're lacking in quality. You can find a variety of sets from them in store or online that are going to match any bathroom.

They have options that fit a variety of budgets, as well, so you don't have to worry about not being able to find what you need. Some sets can be pretty expensive but they can be broken down so you can get one or two towels here and there that you like. They have frequent sales and are a well-known retailer so you know it's safe to shop with them.

Pinzon Towels for Super Comfort

For the best combination or softness and value, Pinzon stands above many other towel brands. With a luxurious 820-gram cotton these towels will suit and impress even the most discriminating towel enthusiast.

Pinzon is known for making thick, plush towels. Their weight is distinctive and a sure sign of their durability. Buy a set of these towels to invest in many years of use. Despite their durable construction, they are soft to the touch.

Pinzon towels come in a wide range of colors and are generously sized. This brand makes the cut on many towel lovers best-of lists.

Don't Overlook Pottery Barn Towels

One thing that most anyone loves is the feeling of using big fluffy towels for drying off. Stepping out of the shower and being able to wrap yourself in sheer, soft luxury with a thick towel is something that you will be able to experience when you drape yourself in Pottery Barn towels. This is a towel brand that is full of amazing selection, including the colors, stitch styles and varied gram weights so that you can pick out the perfect towels to fit your needs and the feel of your home for the ultimate in pampering.

Matouk Milagro Towels

These gorgeous towels are woven with precision using high-grade cotton. There is a silky smooth feel to this as it is rubbed on one's skin.

The zero-twist yarns along with its lightweight nature make it the perfect fit for any person.

They have an aesthetic appeal to them and are well-regarded for being easy to wash and retaining their elegance.

What better option to use when getting out of a shower or drying one's hands? This is an excellent solution that remains plush 24/7 and has the overall quality people dream of with their new towel.

This is excellence personified.

Ralph Lauren's Palmer Towel

When most people think of Ralph Lauren, they do not think of towels, but the reality is that they probably should. The Palmer towel offered by the brand is available in many colors and made from thick, soft cotton. This towel is designed to wipe away all of the moisture on the body with ease so that you can dry much faster. Another great thing about this towel is that it has been engineered to reduce the amount that ends up on your body during use. This is a luxury item for those who know they deserve the best.

Restoration Hardware Towels

These Turkish delights are a beautiful addition to one's home with their well-woven and intricate designs. There are over 37 colors to select from with each one exuding a sense of class and quality that is hard to miss.

Restoration Hardware towels have an aesthetic appeal to them that is intrinsic to its shape and feel.

It is lightweight in the hands and beautiful to look at from the word go.

These towels are made from long staple cotton and years have been spent on perfecting the design and how it comes together into one sublime towel.

It is the perfect match for those wanting comfort.

French Inspiration: Le Bain Kassatex Towels

Are you in the mood for a bath experience that was inspired by the French? If so, you should try Le Bain towels. Each towel in this collection is embroidered with the finest material there is and it has a beautiful piped border. They are fairly heavy towels, yet they feel like pure lusciousness once they touch your skin. The brand Le Bain comes from the term, "the bath" and they are truly trying to offer you a bathing experience that you will not have if you choose to buy any other towels out there.

Lenox Bath Towels

There is nothing quite like stepping out of the shower or bath to dry off with a towel that is absorbent and super plush. Lenox bath towels are crafted using the finest materials to offer you superior quality and an overall excellent feel on the skin. Because they are made with such precision and care, you will never experience quick color fading and these are towels that are truly built to last. If you want to know what it is like to have the feeling of fine cashmere on your skin with unmatched wicking power to dry quickly, Lenox bath towels are your answer.

Macy's Towels

Macy's department stores  have always provided quality products such as linens and towels. For anyone who has visited their store they are always impressed with the huge selection of quality products.

One of the best sellers is the special brand of Macy's towels. Macy's towels will last for a long time because these towels use only the best materials such as 100% cottons and microfibers. Each year Macy's comes out with a new selection of towel designs in an  attractive array of colors.  Macy's towels are well-known for their absorbency and softness. Moreover, these quality towels are also very affordable.

Martex Egyptian Towels

Martex Egyptian towels were created with the intention of helping people dry quickly when they are emerging from a bath. These cotton blend towels are quite soft and they are affordable. While the softness and beauty of these towels would lead you to believe that you are getting a luxury item, the reality is that these are affordable for the average person. If you are someone who works a 9-5 and you are looking for a great way to de-stress after a long day, take a nice, hot bath and towel off with one of these.

Nate Berkus Towels

Nate Berkus towels are known for being a fair price and sold by online and offline retailers. You don't have to spend a lot of money just to have a comfortable and nice looking set of towels. They can be found in dark or light colors, and if you look into reviews about them you'll see that they are known to be decent. They are well made, heavy, and people say that even though they are a budget towel, they stack up against the more expensive ones. Some even prefer these because they don't have to worry about them as much.

Yves Delorme Towels

The ability to experience fine linens is something that many people are only able to do if they are staying in one of the best hotels or resorts. The full line of Yves Delorme towels offers consumers the chance to experience fluffy, luxurious towels with incredible drying power and some of the best materials available on the market today. These are impeccably designed luxury linens for the home that are just right for giving as a gift or for buying to use in your home to wrap all of your family in sheer, soft splendor after every bath or shower.

Nordstrom Towels - Comfort Second To None

After a relaxing bath there are few things that feel as luxurious as wrapping up in a Nordstrom Hydrocotton Towel.  They come in the extra large size of 54" X 28".  If you have not yet had the opportunity to experience the soft, comforting feel of one of these exclusive towels you are missing out. Once you give it a try you will never want to buy another brand.  When it comes to decorating, they offer an extensive selection of rich and homey colors to match any personalized decor.  Experience the luxury for yourself, you'll thank yourself later.

Peacock Alley Towels

Peacock Alley offers a wide selection of towels that have many uses. There are luxury bath towels, large towels that can be used when getting out of a pool and plush towels that are ideal for a day at the beach. Whether you want a basic white towel or you are interested in something that has a bit more flair, there is something made by this brand that will satisfy your needs. The great thing is that these luxurious towels are so affordable that you will not have to spend a bundle in order to enjoy them.

Why You Need At Least A Few Pine Cone Hill Towels

These towels are made of 100% low-twist cotton, which means that they will not begin to curl and fray on the ends when they have been used for quite some time. They are extremely absorbent and they are perfect for those people who want to dry off as quickly as possible. These are lightweight, which means that they are perfect for carrying along with you when it is time to go to the beach. With that said, they are very durable and you can look forward to having these around for quite some time.

Affordable Luxury With San Marco Towels

When you want to have towels that are going to give you all of the styling, absorbency and unique texture that you deserve without the bold price tag, you will see that San Marco towels are the perfect investment. Made in Turkey and constructed from 100% pure Turkish cotton, these 650 grams per square meter towels are fully piece dyed to offer added color fastness. Each towel is exquisitely soft and stitched with care, so that you can see and feel the difference with each use. Whether you are looking to use these stunning towels yourself or to purchase as a gift, San Marco towels are beautifully crafted and well worth it.

SDH Legna Towels

These European towels are crafted with ultimate care and precision.

The innovative designs are timeless and easy on the eyes while retaining their elegant softness that has become world famous. The Legna towels are made of 70% Italian wood fiber (Modal) and 30% cotton. Loop is 100% Italian Wood Fiber.

The quality is lasting and has the eco-friendly setup to work well in all conditions and remain soothing.

When it comes to SDH Legna towels, the quality is felt from the first touch. They are plush and thick while remaining lightweight and gentle. There is nothing better than a silky smooth option that will have unwavering quality for a long time to come.

This is the all-in-one towel people seek when pushing for excellence.

Luxury That's Been Around for 100 Years: Sferra Towels

The perfect towel has to be a robust combination of quality, comfort, and durability. Without this, the towel will fade away with time and lose its elegance.

Sferra Towels are crafted with patience and provide the value one is looking for.

These are made from the world's finest cotton and are crafted to last for a long time.

What better option for those who want to get the perfect towel for their home and use it on a regular basis? These are the towels one should be using at all times.

With years of experience, the brand has cultivated an image of quality and consistency.

Trendy With Celebrities: Winter Park Towel Co.

Now being called the most luxurious bath towels, Winter Park Towel Co. is unique because they are the same quality as all of the expensive European towels everyone loves so much, but they are a fraction of the price. There are no middle men and flashy magazine ads, which means that they can keep their prices reasonable while still managing to offer a high-quality product. There are bath towels available in several colors and each of them is perfect for the frugal person who still wants to feel like they are being indulgent after getting out of the tub and wrapping themselves in a great towel.

Yoshii Linen Border Towel

When you look at the Yoshii Linen Border towel, you will see that it's made from 8% linen and the rest of it is made of cotton. There is a stripe pattern on either side, one having dark stripes on a light background. The other side is the other way around, making it an interesting addition to your bathroom. If you want, you can buy a towel for the bath, one for a guest, and even one for your face. These were created in Japan by a designer named Maho Ukai and you can tell that they were made with quality in mind.

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