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Feel of Material - 1000 Thread Count Giza 87 Egyptian Cotton Percale Sheets

Feel of Material

The 1000 thread count Giza 87 Egyptian cotton percale sheets are a testament to the epitome of bedding luxury. The unparalleled softness, crispness, and opulent weight promise a sleeping experience that is both indulgent and restful.

How the Sheets Will Feel

  • Soft: As a premier strains of Egyptian cotton, Giza has inherently long and fine fibers. When woven to a sumptuous 1000 thread count, the feel is extraordinarily soft, luxurious, and enveloping.
  • Crisp: Despite the high thread count and softness, the percale weave gives these sheets retain a refined crispness for a fresh feel that calls to mind the most luxurious hotel bedding.
  • Cool to the touch: The natural properties of Giza 87, even at a dense thread count, paired with the percale weave, provide a refreshing cool sensation to the touch
  • Supple: The luxurious nature of Giza 87 means that even with their high thread count and percale weave, these sheets offer a graceful drape and a soft embrace.


The Look of the Sheets on Your Bed

  • Matte: These most luxurious percale sheets showcase a sophisticated and elegant matte finish.


About the Fabric

  • Breathable: While a higher thread count can sometimes reduce breathability, the exceptional airiness and quality of Giza 87 ensures these sheets remain wonderfully breathable for a comfortable night’s rest.
  • Heavyweight: The 1000 thread count delivers a feeling of substance and opulence. These sheets are rich and substantial, wrapping you in luxury.
  • Smooth: Giza 87 is renowned for its smooth texture. At 1000 thread count, this quality is accentuated for a uniquely smooth finish.
  • Durable: The Giza 87 strain, known for its strength and resilience, ensures these sheets have a long lifespan, maintaining their luxury feel even after many washes.
  • Ironing: High-quality cotton sheets, especially those with a percale weave, can be prone to wrinkling. Though the high thread count might reduce this slightly, proper post-wash care and a cool iron is recommended.