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Feel of Sferra Giotto Bedding

SFERRA Giotto sheets epitomize indulgent luxury with their sumptuous sateen weave, rich luster and remarkably silky hand.

How the Sheets Will Feel:

Sumptuously Silky: Woven in an opulent 590 thread count sateen, these sheets feel exquisitely smooth and silky.

Lusciously Soft: The extra-long staple cotton fibers are soft to the touch.

Cozy Warmth: Sateen tends to have a warmer, more cocooning feel compared to crisp percale.

The Look of the Sheets on Your Bed:

Elegant Sheen: Sateen's signature feature is a soft, glowing luster that lends upscale polish to the bedscape.

Simple Sophistication: The solid color design with single hemstitch detailing strikes a balance between understated elegance and rich luxury.

Fluid Drape: The sateen weave gives the fabric a beautiful, flowing drape that connotes luxury and romance.

About the Fabric:

Less Breathable: While opulent, the dense sateen weave makes these sheets slightly warmer and less breathable compared to percale.

Pleasantly Weighty: At the indulgent 590 thread count, the fabric has a wonderfully weighty, sumptuous drape.

Superior Longevity: The extra-long staple cotton fibers ensure impressive durability and long-lasting quality.

Fewer Wrinkles: Sateen's properties help these sheets resist wrinkling better than percale options.