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In a world where even luxury decor is often mass produced, Mike + Ally is a breath of fresh air. These stunning pieces are hand-enameled by a team of artisans and custom embellished with semi-precious treasures such as Swarovski® crystals, cabochons, pearls, rhinestones, chains, gold and silver leaf, cut glass, and more. Each Mike + Ally bath accessory is a signature work of art while being an eminently functional piece of bathroom decor. That's why Mike + Ally's designs grace palaces, private yachts and planes, boutique hotels, and luxury residences around the globe.

Any enamel-based collection can be made in any of Mike and Ally's standard colorways (see full color chart below). If none of these colors are the perfect fit for your style, we welcome you to use our color-match service to make customize pieces to perfectly fit your space.

Accessories Customized to Perfectly Fit Your Space

Color Matching Services

"Mike+Ally accessories take true pride of place in the bathroom," said Mary Babinski, founder of Fine Linen and Bath. "Over the years, we have worked with their design studio to precisely color match bath accessories with our clients' other décor such as bath towels, tiles, wallpaper, bedding, and more. Their expertise is impressive, particularly where color is a dominant design element."

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