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What is Egyptian Cotton?

In the world of luxury linen, Egyptian cotton stands alone as the superior fabric for cotton bedding and bath linens.

Egyptian cotton fibers are longer, stronger, and more durable

The natural fibers of Egyptian cotton are unique. Because the cotton plant is grown under specific geographic and climate conditions, Egyptian cotton fibers are longer, stronger, and more durable. As such, Egyptian-grown cotton fiber results in a finer yarn that is smaller in diameter yet stronger than other cottons. Weaving this long staple cotton yarn results in fabric with more threads per square inch of material. Sferra'sGiottois the perfect example of a classic Italian-woven Egyptian cotton sateen bedding. While Egyptian cotton often has higher thread count than standard cotton, it is also more luxurious, stronger, and lighter in weight. Pure Egyptian cotton also breathes exceptionally well; an Egyptian cotton sheet set or cotton bedspread will feel supremely comfortable, while Egyptian cotton towels are wonderfully absorbent.

Egyptian cotton bedding improves with age the more you use it

Please bear in mind that the feel of bed linen created from Egyptian grown cotton feels a bit “harder'' than other cottons when the bedding is new. This is due to the tight weave of the cotton used in the bedding set, and will be more noticeable with percale weave sheets (sateen weave will be softer). However, your Egyptian cotton bed sheets, pillowcase, duvet cover, and bedspread will grow softer with every wash. The softness of Egyptian cotton bedding definitely improves with age and -- unlike regular cotton sheets that wear out -- you will prize it more and more with time and use. If properly cared for, fine linen bedding produced from Egyptian cotton can last for decades. When shopping for luxury bedding or bath towels, look for products labeled "Egyptian Cotton" and the words "long staple cotton" or "extra long staple cotton."

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