Care Guide for Bath Rug and Bath Mat


Here at Fine Linen and Bath, we believe investing in a high-quality bath rug and bath mat is a smart decision. After all, you'll be enjoying them every day! With proper care, your bath mat and bath rug should stay looking and feeling great for years to come.

Caring and Washing your Bath Rug and Bath Mat

The first wash - Caring for your brand new bath rug and bath mat

As you unbox your bath mat and bath rug, read and follow the instructions on the care label. Most manufacturers recommend washing your bath mat before the first use. Carefully remove any tags before laundering - do not pull tags to remove, carefully cut them free with scissors to avoid pulling or damaging the fabric.

  • Wash your bath mat and bath rug in cold water
  • Give bath mat/rug a gentle shake to fluff after removing from the machine
  • Tumble dry on low heat

Do's and Don'ts caring for your bath rug or mat

Below are a few simple tips for maintaining the beauty and performance of your bath rug and bath mat:

DO launder your bath mat regularly. Once a week is typically recommended.

DO machine wash bath rugs alone. If you have a bath mat that is made with terry material it can be washed with towels

DO wash in cool to warm water. Before washing, take it outside and shake loose as much dirt as possible.

DON'T use too much detergent. Depending on the brand, you typically need only half the recommended amount. You can also add an extra rinse to ensure you've removed all soap residue, which can build up on fibers.

DO shake out your bath mat when changing over from the washer to the dryer. This will ‘fluff' the fibers and speed up the drying period.

DON'T put your bath mat in a hot dryer, which will damage the cotton. Tumble dry on LOW HEAT ONLY, stopping the cycle periodically to 'fluff' the mat will help reduce drying time.

DON'T use dryer sheets, as these can leave a residue on the fibers and decrease softness and absorbency over time. Wool dryer balls can be used instead to help speed up drying time and reduce static.

DO invest in a detergent specially made for fine linens. We recommend Heritage Park Fine Fabric Wash or Le Blanc Linen Wash. These products are formulated to gently clean and preserve delicate thread fibers while keeping your bath rugs looking and feeling beautiful.

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