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Having trouble deciding which style best fits your needs?

It can be difficult to see the differences between Abyss & Habidecor's wonderful rugs, but we're here to help. Below is some information about each and a closer look at their different styles.

The Abyss Double is considered their go to 'mat'. Very similar to having two of the Abyss Super Pile bath towels sewn back-to-back, essentially 'double' the thickness. These mats are very easy to wash on a regular basis as they are more of a terry type of weave. The Double bath mats are approximately 1/2" thick.

The Habidecor Must bath rug is typically the most popular style and a true 'must' have. These solid, approximately 1" thick pile rugs are super soft and plush and feature a simple indented border. For some, this style may be a touch too thick if a door will pass over it without enough clearance so be sure to measure. The Must rug can have a non-slip backing applied at the factory by request for no additional charge. This very light coating is something we certainly recommend, as it adds that bit of safety from slipping.

The Habidecor Reversible bath rug is just that, reversible. Featuring a plush patter on one side and a twist on the opposite, with reversed boarder on each. This is a great option when you may want to change up your style from time to time. The Reversible rug is approximately 1/2" thick. An alternative to this rug without the reverse boarder is the Habidecor Bay rug which is available in their 10 most popular colors, but can be custom colored to any of the 60 colors for an additional charge.

Habidecor's 'A La Carte' rugs are a perfect option for those who like the Must rug, but want a shorter pile (approx. 1/2" thick) and no border. These rugs are custom made to order and come in any size up to 57" x 78" in just about any shape; rectangle, square, round, half-moon, etc. With the ability to add the non-slip backing, these can be a wonderful option for most customers. For pricing and ordering the A La Carte rugs, please contact us.

All of Habidecor's patterned rugs are approximately 1/2" thick and can have the non-slip backing applied.


As always, if you have any questions or would like additional assistance on deciding, we are here and happy to help!

Contact our design consultants at 866-352-4522 or email us at info@FLandB.com.