Comparing Abyss Luxury Towels: Super Pile, Twill and Super Twill


Here at Fine Linen and Bath, our clients routinely call asking for help choosing among Abyss' three most popular luxury towels: Super Pile, Twill, and Super Twill. All are made from 100% Egyptian Giza extra-long-staple cotton for maximum absorbency and durability; all are finished with Abyss' signature bias tape trim and rounded corners, and the price points are similar. Additionally, all Abyss towels are made to coordinate with Habidecor's Must and Reversible bath rugs and Double terry bath mats. 

With that said, each of these towels is unique and delivers a singular experience all its own.

Fortunately, we never tire of talking about these fabulous towels, so we've got lots of information and client feedback to help you choose the perfect towel.

Abyss Super Pile Towels

Abyss' best-selling towels, these are crafted from heavy, super absorbent, long loop-style terry.

Why our customers love Super Pile towels

Super Pile Towels will surround you in spa-like softness. They're the thickest and heaviest of the bunch at 700gsm; they've been described as feeling like a warm, luxurious hug. They come in all 60 colors and the biggest variety of sizes (the large hand towel works wonderfully on hair).

Best for: Those who love a heavier towel and have access to laundry facilities; these towels take a bit of space in the washer and a bit more time to dry. For hang drying, these towels should be in a low-humidity or climate-controlled environment.

Abyss Super Pile stack of towels

What customers are saying about the Abyss Super Pile towel

"These towels are so soft and super absorbent without being bulky or heavy. They wash up beautifully and last forever. I've been using these towels for over 20 years and I only get new ones to change up my colors." – Kate P.

"These are my favorite towels. I have four of these that I've used daily for years and just ordered another set. They are absorbent and soft and hold up well after years of laundering. I highly recommend." – Colleen O.

Abyss Twill Towels

This unique woven texture stimulates the senses and pleases the eye in a light weight option.

Why our customers love Twill towels

Abyss Twill Towels boast a stylish lined texture that delivers a gentle exfoliating feel while remaining absorbent and luxurious. The lightest option in Abyss' premium line at 500gsm, these towels wash easily and dry quickly. Also available in all 60 designer colors. Bath sheet sizes are ideal for beach/pool/yacht and have select colors that are UV treated to resist fading in sunlight.

Best for: Anyone who likes a lighter feel to their towels (we find these are a favorite with gentlemen!). Abyss Twill towels are perfect for those preferring a faster wash and drying time; their lighter weight also makes them easy to store and quick to air dry in any climate.

Abyss Twill stack of towels

What customers are saying about the Abyss Twill towel

"These twill towels truly are the best ever. They actually soak up the water, instead of simply moving it around from one part of your body to another. And they dry quickly, even in our damp, Pacific Northwest winter climate. Really great towels." – Sue P.

"Our second order of abyss twill towels did not disappoint. The aqua color is perfect as well as the plush luxurious hand… Our third order cannot be far behind!" – Catherine W.

Abyss Super Twill

A stylish mid-weight option that features a thick rib pattern paired with a heavier feel.

Why our customers love Super Twill towels

Super Twill Towels deliver the best of both worlds for those who crave the weighty feel of Super Pile and the woven texture of Twill. Mid-weight towels mean average wash load size and drying time. Available in a limited range of color and size options.

Best for: Anyone seeking a mid-weight towel that has more style than the standard options. Offers the best of both worlds in one lovely towel.

Abyss Super Twill stack of towels

What customers are saying about the Abyss Super Twill towel

"My wife and I have our own bathrooms, her color choice is different than mine. Regardless we like Abyss Towels. I started using the Super Twill first, she saw them said she also wanted them and we are both happy with this towel. I love the way they wash and dry." – Michael J.

"Love these towels. The quality is top notch, the colors are delicious and compliment the bathroom marble decor. I purchased the pink/lavender color. So feminine." - Jane B.

Abyss Super Pile, Twill and Super Twill side-by-side comparison


Abyss Super Pile

Abyss Twill

Abyss Super Twill

Weight (gsm)

700 gsm

500 gsm

600 gsm






Spa-like comfort

Gentle exfoliation

Best of both worlds

Dry Time








Towel Sizes

- Wash

- Fingertip

- Hand

- Large hand

- X-large hand

- Bath towel

- Euro bath sheet

- Large bath sheet

- Wash

- Fingertip

- Hand

- Large hand

- X-large hand

- Bath towel

- Euro bath sheet

- Large bath sheet

- Wash

- Hand

- Large hand

- X-large hand

- Bath towel

- Euro bath sheet

Shipping Lead Time

- White, Ecru, Ivory, Linen will ship immediately

- All other colors 2 to 3 weeks

- White will ship immediately

- All other colors 2 to 3 weeks

- All colors 2 to 3 weeks

Measurements of the Abyss towel collections

Abyss towels come in a variety of sizes, including multiple options for hand and large hand towels and bath sheets.

  • Wash Cloth measures 12" by 12"
  • Fingertip towel measures 12" by 20"
  • Hand towel measures 17" by 30"
  • Large Hand towel measures 21" by 39"
  • Large Hand towel measures 23" by 43"
  • Bath towel measures 28" by 54"
  • Euro Bath sheet measures 39" by 59"
  • Bath sheet measures 40" by 72"

Abyss towel collections are made to coordinate with Habidecor Must and Reversible bath rugs and Double terry bath mats:

  • Must rugs come in sizes: 23" x 23" Square, 20" x 31", 23" x 39", 27" x 47", 31" x 63", and 23" Contour.
  • Must rugs come in sizes: 23" x 23" Square, 20" x 31", 23" x 39", 27" x 47", 31" x 59", and 23" Contour.
  • Double bath mats come in sizes: 20" x 31", 23" x 39"
  • All options (Must, Reversible & Double) can be custom made to any size up to 57" x 78". Rugs can also be made into custom shapes.
Habidecor Must Bath Rug

    More About Abyss Towels

    Abyss craftsmanship

    All Abyss towels are made to order in Portugal from 100% Egyptian Giza Extra Long Staple Cotton. While other brands may incorporate different grades of Egyptian cotton in their towels, Abyss uses the Giza in all three weaving directions: weft, warp and pile made of double twist. This makes Abyss towels low in lint, stronger, and longer lasting. Furthermore, Abyss puts proportionately more weight into the pile of the towel as opposed to the base, which makes the towels dry better than others of the same weight.

    Abyss' distinctive details

    Abyss towels are bound with a signature bias tape trim; they're finished with continuous, rounded corners that are more durable than traditional square finish. They're also pre-shrunk and "piece-dyed" after sewing to ensure the towel, label, and trim are color matched. The towel you purchase will be the towel you see upon delivery, wash after wash.

    Towels made to color coordinate with Habidecor Bath rugs

    Abyss towels are made to complement and coordinate with Habidecor Must and Reversible bath rugs. The soft and sumptuous Must rug is approximately 1" thick with a classic inset trim design; the Reversible rug is approximately 3/4" with the Must design on one side and a twist pattern/plush inside on the other. Habidecor bath rugs are woven in Portugal from 100% Egyptian combed cotton and are available in 60+ colors in standard and custom sizes.

    Caring for your Abyss towels

    Laundering wears out any towel; using care when washing will add years to the life of your Abyss towels. Wash and dry at low temperatures and do not over-dry. (Drying hot will greatly reduce the life of the towel.) Do NOT bleach or use any detergent containing bleach. Beware of facial creams or ointments, which can also bleach out the color. Wash whites and colors separately, and do not launder with jeans, bras, or any other items that may snag. If pulls or snags should occur, simply snip them down to the level of the other loops. This will not affect the towel.

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