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Graccioza Towel Buyer's Guide: Bee Waffle vs. Long Double Loop vs. Egoist

  • by Mary Babinski
  • 4 min read

Here at Fine Linen and Bath, we're proud of our reputation as a leading online retailer of luxury linens. As any client or visitor to this site knows, we deliver the finest selection of linens in the marketplace. We help clients understand the fabric content of the various textiles; evaluate relevant details, and choose the essential pieces that meet their unique needs. Three bestsellers from luxury linen mill and manufacturer, Graccioza -- the Bee Waffle, Long Double Loop, and Egoist -- are stunning options, each with a unique design style and benefits.

Comparing Graccioza Bee Waffle, Long Double Loop, and Egoist Towels

All Graccioza bath linens are made in Portugal at the company's mill. The brand offers a wide range of color options and a shorter lead time while being comparable in quality to other luxury textiles, such as Abyss. The Graccioza product line is machine washable and includes coordinating rugs, mats, robes, and beach towels

The differences among the Bee Waffle, Long Double Loop and Egoist are the style, weight, and type of cotton used. Graccioza's Bee Waffle is a textured, distinctive design made from superior combed cotton. At 550 GSM it is mid-weight, soft and absorbent, with classic rounded corners and double sewn edges. The Long Double Loop is made from superior Egyptian cotton; it is highly absorbent and weighs in at 700 GSM, also with the same rounded corners and a double sewn edge. The ultimate in luxury, the Egoist is an enhanced version of the Long Double Loop. It is super absorbent and made from 800 GSM Extra Long Staple Egyptian Giza Cotton. Egoist towels are treated with a formula that inhibits the bacteria and fungus that collects in fabric. Learn more about this treatment on our Egoist product detail page.

The Benefits of Graccioza Bee Waffle, Long Double Loop, and Egoist Towels

Graccioza Bee Waffle towel

Graccioza Bee Waffle bath towels are soft with an eye-catching textured design and a pleasing, exfoliating feel. They are easily machine washable and dry quickly. They come in 20 colors and a variety of sizes, including coordinating waffle weave bath mats. The Bee Waffle line also features two styles of bathrobe (each available in six colors) and a range of matching pool towels treated to be sun and bleach resistant.

Graccioza Bee Waffle Towels in Baltic color

Graccioza Long Double Loop towel

Graccioza Long Double Loop towels are soft and absorbent with a classic look that complements both modern and traditional bath décor. They are machine washable; their heavier weight Egyptian cotton means they take a bit longer to dry. They have a durable double sewn edge. Long Double Loop towels are available in 16 colors and a range of sizes and coordinate with Graccioza's Prestige or Classic rugs. Matching quilted bath mats come in white and natural; matching cotton robes come in four colors.

Graccioza Long Double Loop Bath Towel in Silver color

Graccioza Egoist towel

Graccioza Egoist towels are voluminous and deliver the utmost absorbency. They're woven from long-staple Egyptian Giza cotton, the finest on Earth. Egoist bath linens are also treated with an antibacterial formula to be resistant to mold and fungus, they will stay fresh over time. Egoist towels come in 30 colors and a variety of sizes. The line includes a matching bath; a woven bath mat in eight colors; a robe in three colors; and pool towels treated to resist sun and bleach. The Egoist can also be matched with Graccioza Classic and Prestige rugs.

Graccioza Egoist Bath Towel in Cobalt color

Graccioza Towels: Bee Waffle vs. Long Double Loop vs. Egoist Comparison Chart


Graccioza Bee Waffle

Graccioza Long Double Loop

Graccioza Egoist


100% Superior combed cotton

100% Egyptian cotton

100% long-staple Egyptian 
Giza cotton

Weight (gsm)

550 GSM

700 GSM

800 gsm

Colors Options

Available in 20 colors

Available in 16 colors

Available in 30 colors

Bath Rug or Mat

Matching Bee Waffle Weave bath rug

Quilted mat in white and natural; coordinate with Prestige bath mat and Classic bath rug

Matching bath rugs, woven bath mats (8 colors); coordinate with Prestige bath mat and Classic bath rug

Beach towel




Matching Robe

Two styles, 6 colors each

Four colors

Three colors

Price for bath towel (28" x 55")


$66 $81

How to choose the right towels for your home

Choosing the right style towels for your home comes down to a matter of personal style, user preference, and purpose. Graccioza's many options and colors -- from simple white towels to richly colored options -- will suit any bathroom decor. If you like a soft towel with a textured, exfoliating feel, consider the Bee Waffle; it's a lighter weight option that dries quickly, which makes it great for humid climates. If you prefer a heavier towel with a bit more absorbency, consider the opulent Long Double Loop or the luxurious Egoist. These will require a bit more effort for towel care due to their weight. Also, evaluate whether having a matching bath rug is a priority. Do you use a towel warmer? Are you in the market for coordinating robes and beach or pool towels?

Where to find Graccioza Bee Waffle, Long Double Loop, and Egoist Towels

Fine Linen and Bath carries an extensive collection of Bee Waffle, Long Double Loop, and Egoist Towels. Fine bath towels are an investment, and should not be purchased from an anonymous retailer such as Amazon. Our team of design consultants is here to assist! We can answer questions, offer recommendations, and help you refine your choices. We'll even provide you with swatch samples from these towels to review prior to purchase; this minimizes the chance of needing a return or refund and extra visits to your post office or shipping facility.

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