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Home Treasures Custom Bedding: The Ultimate in Bespoke Home Linen

  • by Kendra Cosenza
  • 5 min read

When a client desires completely custom bedding, the Fine Linen and Bath team relies on Home Treasures. This article discusses the many options available for bespoke bedding and outlines the process of purchasing from Home Treasures.

Classic and Customized Luxury Bedding

Interior designers, estate managers, and fine linen enthusiasts regularly engage the Fine Linen and Bath design team for assistance with highly customized bedding orders. And when those clients look for classically styled luxury bed linens made to their exact specifications, one of our go-to partners is Home Treasures. Well known for their signature quilted coverlets, Home Treasures has become the largest US manufacturer of bespoke Italian linens, with custom options for color, fabric, pattern, finish details, dimensions, and more.

Home Treasures Floral Plush 1000 Thread Count Bedding

Home Treasures Paris Bedding

As Fine Linen and Bath founder Mary Babinski says, "If you can dream it, you can have it with Home Treasures."

A Collaborative Design and Purchasing Experience

And while the possibilities are nearly endless, the design process is wonderfully efficient. Mary and her team of consultants are skilled at helping clients navigate the vast array of options to make the perfect purchase.

"With the range of colors, fabrics, and styles offered by Home Treasures, every order is a completely collaborative and entirely custom experience," Mary notes. "Anyone who has ever worked with an interior designer knows how fabulous this degree of personal attention can be."

Home Treasures Royal Sateen fabric

Royal Sateen fabric in a vast array of hard to find colors.

Because Home Treasures linen is fully made to measure, clients work one-on-one with a member of the Fine Linen and Bath design team to spec out each piece. It is like having a personal designer on call at no additional cost, a unique and valuable benefit that appeals to savvy design insiders. When you order from Home Treasures, the team will guide you through your options, step by step. Here is a preview of what you can expect:

  1. Start with fabric samples. We will send you complimentary swatch samples to help coordinate with your paint, wallpaper, furniture, or other design elements. Home Treasures offers hundreds of elegant patterns and color options designed to beautify your bedroom suite.
  2. Entertain the possibilities! Take a deep breath and get excited. There is a thrill that comes with knowing that absolutely any bedding can be made with your chosen fabric.
  3. Begin to build your bed. You will with made to order sheets in any dimension, size, or shape. You can select from four beautiful Perla Percale colors or 30 Royal Sateen shades. See below for more detail on determining whether percale or sateen is right for you. 
  4. Consider a duvet cover, customized with a straight or scallop flange, or possibly a knife-edge finish for a clean, modern look. Your design consultant will work with you to suit your style and décor.
  5. Customize a quilted coverlet, the signature Home Treasures "bedspread." Choose from more than 25 styles ranging from traditional to modern in designs such as roses, diamonds, basketweave, squares, vermicelli to name a few. Once again, the Fine Linen and Bath team will send you complimentary quilted swatch samples to assist you with your selection. Absolutely any pattern you choose can be crafted for you in any color fabric, sateen or percale in any shape or size. Quilted coverlets are available with either a pillow tuck, reverse pillow tuck, or with inset.
  6. Remember the pillow shams! Choose from Perla Percale, Royal Sateen or from the vast array of styles available.

    Home Treasures Quilted Patterns

    Sample Quilted Patterns 1) Diamond Pattern 2) Basket Weave 3) Anastasia 4) Roses 5) Renaissance 6) Quilted Block

    An Important Step: Choosing Between Percale and Sateen Bedding Weaves

    When working with Home Treasures, you will be choosing between luxury percale and luxury sateen fabric. This comes down to your own personal preference. You should adore how your sheets look and feel, so it's important to familiarize yourself with the differences between percale and sateen fabric.

    The first question to answer when choosing between percale and sateen is whether you prefer cool, crisp, cool sheet reminiscent of a five-star hotel (percale) or soft, silky warmer fabric (sateen). Knowing that will help you determine your ideal Home Treasures fabric weave. Let's take a closer look:

    Percale Bed Sheets: Cool, Crisp, and Breathable. Percale sheets are a cool, crisp, luxurious bedroom standard. High quality, closely woven percale is light and breathable with a fresh feel. It's ideal for summertime sleeping and can also be used year round by anyone who is a hot sleeper. High-quality percale is cozy and durable; the cotton fabric will grow softer over time with washing. With proper care, your percale sheets should last for many years.

    Percale is a matte finish cotton fabric that is made with a one-yarn-over, one-yarn-under weave pattern. This gives the fabric its signature “crispness” similar to the feel of a high-quality cotton button-down shirt.

    Sateen Bed Sheets: Silky and Smooth to the Touch Sateen sheets are thicker than percale, and known for their luster and drape. Sateen fabric feels silky and soft to the touch. Sateen weave will feel warmer, and so is ideally suited to cooler weather or anyone who “sleeps cool” and wants a little warmth in their cotton sheet set. With a lustrous sheen, a sateen bed sheet set or duvet cover is perfect for bedroom décor that heavily emphasizes luxury and romance.

    Sateen is a lustrous finish cotton fabric that is made with a three-yarn-over, one-yarn-under weave pattern. This is what gives sateen its beautiful luster and drape.

    The Service and Attention to Detail You Deserve

    Fine Linen and Bath is known for giving excellent, personalized customer service. With Home Treasures, the entire experience gets elevated to a partnership, with spectacular results.

    "We are always happy to consult on any brand, but Home Treasures gives us the opportunity to really get to know our clients, and we love it," Mary says. "They send us photographs of what their homes look like right down to the art on the walls so we can truly collaborate. It’s one of the best parts of our jobs."

    "This is the second time I have purchased Home Treasures bedding. The service at Fine Linen and Bath is tremendous, They were so helpful every time I had a question about the process. The quality and workmanship of my bedding is beautiful. Will definitely keep buying Home Treasures products when I need something." Shirley J. ~ Scottsdale, AZ

    More about Home Treasures

    Since its founding in 1988, Home Treasures has built a reputation for providing customers a luxurious, fully bespoke bed, bath, and table linens. Using only the finest textiles in the world, Home Treasures creates made-to-order table linens, bath towels, and the signature quilted coverlets that are the cornerstone of their product line. Guided by the belief that buyers desire and deserve fine linens that reflect their individual style, the founders of Home Treasures have become the largest manufacturer of bespoke luxury Italian linens in the United States. Discriminating customers rely on Home Treasures to modify, collaborate, and create the specific products they need, whether its luxury bedding or fine linen for bath and table. Home Treasures table linens, bath towels, and quilted bedding are proudly made in the USA with using the finest long staple cotton woven in Italy.

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