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The Clean Ocean Bath Collection by Graccioza: Beauty, Sustainability, & Performance

  • by Mary Babinski
  • 4 min read

There's nothing more precious than our Earth. In a time when our planet's ecosystem hangs in a delicate balance, Graccioza delivers beautiful sustainability with the Clean Ocean Bath Towel, Rug and Robe Collection: a stunning line of bath and deck towels, rugs, and robes woven with recycled marine plastic.

Going Above and Beyond for the Environment

Since its founding in 1975, Graccioza has earned a reputation for luxury, cutting-edge design, and elegance in the bath. Graccioza premium bathroom linens are made to the highest standards of quality and comfort in the company's own mill in Portugal. As textile visionaries with a reputation for creativity, the product design team set out to create a line of linens that didn't compromise on look, feel, or performance, while exemplifying the company's commitment to nature, society, and the environment. The result is the Clean Ocean Collection, made by blending high-quality cotton with Seaqual, a unique fiber crafted from recycled marine plastic. Beautiful and soft to the touch, the Clean Ocean Collection also draws attention to the problem of plastic ocean pollution and the hazard it poses to marine life and the planet.

Clean Ocean Linens: Helping Clean the Mediterranean Sea

Let's take a closer look at the system behind the Clean Ocean towel, rug and robe collection:

  • Trash, including plastic bottles and other recyclables, is cleaned from the sea water.
  • The plastic collected is turned into recycled polyester yarn, a revolutionary fiber known as Seaqual.
  • The marine-origin polyester is woven with high-grade cotton.
  • Bath towels, deck towels, rugs, and robes are made with a completely eco-friendly process, including the use of ecological dyes and finishes that save water and energy.

"For more than four decades, Graccioza has earned a reputation in the industry for redefining the concept of luxury in the bath while staying on the cutting edge of manufacturing technology,” said Mary Babinski, founder of Fine Linen and Bath. "The company is driven by a mission of ‘walking in a sustainable direction.' At the same time, Clean Ocean is every bit as luxurious and on-trend as Graccioza's other top-selling collections like Bee Waffle.”

Graccioza's Clean Ocean Line of Bath Towels, Rugs and Robes

Graccioza's Clean Ocean Line of Bath Towels, Rugs and Robes

Inside the Graccioza Clean Ocean Collection

As one of Portugal's premier luxury towel manufacturers, Graccioza introduced the Clean Ocean line as a tangible embodiment of their commitment to both their loyal customers and to the future of the planet. As such, the line includes a full complement of bath linen in a variety of style, size, and color choices.


Clean Ocean Bath Towels

Clean Ocean Deck Towels

Clean Ocean Bath Rugs

Clean Ocean Robes


550 gsm
*Learn more about gsm in towels.
550 gsm --- 550 gsm

Fiber and Finish

80% cotton
20% Seaqual PES
Bias Binding
80% cotton
20% Seaqual PES
Bias Binding
45% cotton
55% Seaqual PES
80% cotton
20% Seaqual PES

Size Options

Wash Cloth
(12" x 12")

Guest Towel
(12" x 20")

Hand Towel
(18" x 30")

XL Hand Towel
(20" x 39")

Bath Towel
(28" x 55")

Bath Sheet
(38" x 59")

One size
(39" x 79”)

(20" x 31")

(24" x 39")





Storm, Oxford, Fog, White White, Oxford, Fog Storm, Fog, White White, Storm


$15 - $117 $180 $147 - $203 $270


With Graccioza Clean Ocean, you'll never compromise. These towels represent the marriage of art and technology, and are made to enhance both your home and your life. Clean Ocean is the perfect embodiment of a towel that looks good, feels good, and does good.

Graccioza Clean Ocean towels can easily be machine washed according to manufacturer directions. We recommend following these care guidelines and using a laundry detergent specially formulated for luxury towels.

Graccioza Clean Ocean Deck Pool Towels

Graccioza Clean Ocean Deck Pool Towels

About Graccioza

Founded in 1975, Graccioza is now a third-generation family business. Graccioza's line of premium bath linens—bath towels, rugs, mats, and robes -- are manufactured in its very own textile mill in Northern Portugal. This enables Graccioza to offer a wide range of color options and a shorter lead time than comparable luxury brands. The Graccioza Collection represents the perfect union of elegant European design; the finest textiles; and cutting-edge manufacturing technology.

About Seaqual Initiative

Seaqual Initiative brings together individuals, organizations and companies to help clean oceans; raise awareness of the issue of marine plastic; and bring products made with upcycled marine plastic to market.

Working with ocean clean ups around the world, Seaqual Initiative collects marine waste including plastics, metals, glass, rubber, and mixed material items. Mixed waste is expensive to recycle; in the past, much of this waste was destined to sit in landfills or be incinerated. Seaqual Initiative sorts waste into different material types; recycles metal and glass through traditional routes; and responsibly disposes of organic or other non-plastic material.

Marine plastics are harder to recycle, because--although they survive in the ocean for hundreds of years--UV rays, salt water and friction degrade them quickly. Seaqual Initiative gives this waste a second life by transforming it into upcycled marine plastic that is returned to industry and made into beautiful, sustainable products, including textiles. To date, Sequel Initiative has turned more than 99 tons of marine litter into upcycled marine plastic.


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