Pillow & Duvet Edges Options

Knife Edge

A knife edge is a seam without a decorative finish. It tapers to sharp, crisp edges and corners, creating a very simple, clean, polished look.

Sample product images with flange edging:



Flange Edge

A flange edge consists of milted corners sometimes between 1/2" to 3". In some cases, flanges may have two coordinating fabrics. In bedding, a duvet cover has three sides and a pillow sham has flanges on all four sides of the sham.

Sample product images with flange edging:



Welted Edge

A welted edge tapers and includes a piping or some other type of decorative border or trim.

Sample product images with welted edging:



Scallop Edge

A scallop edge is shaped similar to a line of curved or scallop shaped edges lined up in a continuous pattern. 

Sample product images with scalloped edging: