Down Blanket Cover vs. Down Duvet Insert


Down Blankets

Down Blankets consist of a sewn-through (or stitch-through) construction, where the top layer of ticking is sewn directly onto the bottom layer to keep the down evenly distributed, Down Blankets are more lightweight. Down Blankets are also typically sized a bit more generously than a duvet, as they're often used in lieu of a duvet, woven blanket, or coverlet.

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Down Duvet Inset

A Down Duvet Insert is sized to fit inside a duvet cover and comes in a variety of weights and fill powers. Luxury down duvet inserts are made with a baffle box construction for optimal thermal insulation. Baffles are vertical walls of fabric sewn to connect the top and bottom ticking layers, creating a grid inside the duvet The compartments created by the baffle construction give room for high fill power down to maintain its loft and prevent it from shifting, ensuring that the duvet maintains its thermal properties.

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