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Feel of Material - 520 Thread Count Indian-Made Cotton Percale Sheet

Feel of Material

The 520 thread count Indian-made cotton percale sheets combine the refined qualities of high-thread-count cotton and traditional Indian textile craftsmanship. They offer a luxurious feel that's both soft and crisp, with the inherent breathability and elegance of percale weave.

How the Sheets Will Feel

  • Soft: The 520 thread count enhances the feel of these sheets for a plush, soft texture and touch against your skin.
  • Crisp: Percale's hallmark is its crisp feel. A 520 thread count provides a luxurious take on this classic crispness.
  • Cool to the touch: The percale weave allows for good breathability, making these sheets feel cool when first touched.
  • Supple: While they have the characteristic crispness of percale, the higher thread count and quality cotton make these sheets drape beautifully over the bod


The Look of the Sheets on Your Bed

  • Matte: Percale typically has a matte finish, giving the sheets a refined and understated elegance.


About the Fabric

  • Breathable: The combination of percale weave and cotton material ensures excellent air circulation, for breathability and comfort.
  • Medium to heavyweight: The denser 520 thread count adds a pleasant weight to these sheets, making them feel substantial without being too heavy.
  • Smooth: A higher thread count combined with the quality of Indian cotton crafting can yields a smooth finish to these sheets.
  • Durable: The 520 thread count, and quality of Indian textile craftsmanship mean these sheets will last and stay beautiful for a long time.
  • Ironing: As with most pure cotton sheets in a percale weave, these sheets can be prone to wrinkling, especially if not promptly removed from the dryer. A light iron is all that is needed.