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Feel of Material - 600 Thread Count Italian-Made Egyptian Cotton Sateen

Feel of Material

The 600 thread count Italian-made Egyptian cotton sateen sheets offer a sophisticated and luxurious sleeping experience. The combination of the silky sateen finish, the softness of Egyptian cotton, and the meticulous Italian craftsmanship make these sheets a top-tier choice for those seeking opulence in their bedding.

How the Sheets Will Feel

  • Soft: Egyptian cotton's long fibers, paired with the 600 thread count, result in sheets that are exceptionally soft and plush against the skin.
  • Silky: Sateen weaves are characterized by their silky feel. When combined with Egyptian cotton, this silky sensation is even more pronounced for an absolutely lustrous touch.
  • Warm to the touch: Sateen, being denser and less breathable than percale, often feels slightly warmer upon initial contact, making it cozier for cooler climates or seasons.
  • Less breathable: Due to the weave and the higher thread count, sateen is denser, making it less breathable compared to percale. However, the natural properties of Egyptian cotton still offer a degree of breathability.
  • Drapable: The weight and fluidity of sateen combined with the softness of Egyptian cotton give these sheets a stylish, beautiful drape.


The Look of the Sheets on Your Bed

  • Lustrous: One of the hallmarks of sateen is its gentle sheen, giving it a glossy silky finish that connotes warmth, luxury, and romance.


About the Fabric

  • Medium to heavyweight: The 600 thread count, combined with the sateen weave, gives these sheets a luxurious and substantial feel, perfect for those who appreciate a heavier sheet.
  • Ultra-smooth: The sateen weave, recognized for its smooth surface, combined with Egyptian cotton, results in an ultra-smooth finish, perfect for those who love sliding into a silky bed.
  • Durable: Italian craftsmanship ensures precision and quality, while Egyptian cotton's strength promises longevity. Together, they make for long-lasting sheets.
  • Less wrinkle-prone: Sateen sheets, especially those with a higher thread count, tend to wrinkle less than their percale counterparts, though they may still require some care to keep them pristine.