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Feel of Material - 615 Thread Count Giza 87 and 92 Egyptian Cotton Sateen

Feel of Material

The 615 thread count Giza 87 and 92 Egyptian cotton sateen  sheets represent the zenith of luxury bedding. The silky touch, the refined luster, and the exquisite softness promise a sleep experience that is decadent and restful.

How the Sheets Will Feel

  • Soft: The Giza 87 and 92 strains are among the finest Egyptian cottons, with long and delicate fibers. At a 615 thread count, these Giza sheets are incredibly soft with an ultra-plush sensation against the skin.
  • Silky: The inherent silky texture of the sateen weave is enhanced by the supreme quality of Giza cotton, resulting in a bedsheet that feels almost akin to liquid silk.
  • Warm to the touch: The sateen weave tends to have a warmer touch compared to percale. Paired with the density of the thread count, these sheets provide an inviting warmth upon initial contact.
  • Drapable: These sheets, due to their weight, weave, and quality of cotton, drape gracefully and effortlessly on both the bed and around the sleeper.


The Look of the Sheets on Your Bed

  • Lustrous: The sateen weave brings a gentle sheen, and the quality of Giza cotton further amplifies this luster. These sheets shine with a subtle, sophisticated glow.

About the Fabric

  • Less breathable: The sateen weave is less breathable than percale. However, the premium Giza cotton strains offer some level of breathability despite the dense weave.
  • Medium to heavyweight: The 615 thread count combined with the sateen weave gives these sheets a rich, luxurious weight, encapsulating the sleeper in opulence.
  • Ultra-smooth: Giza cotton, known for its exceptionally smooth fibers, combined with the sateen weave, offers an impeccably smooth sleeping surface.
  • Durable: The strength of Giza 87 and 92 cotton fibers ensures these sheets have a long life, withstanding multiple washes while retaining their luxurious feel.
  • Less wrinkle-prone: Due to the nature of the sateen weave and the high thread count, these sheets resist wrinkles more than their percale counterparts, though a gentle ironing may be needed for pristine presentation.