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Matouk Schumacher

When two venerable home design legends come together, the resulting collaboration is nothing short of inspired. From timeless botanical prints to tailored embroidered borders to bold animal stripes, and more, this collection celebrates color, pattern, and texture. The Matouk Schumacher Collection, a luxurious bedding, bath, and home linen line that combines iconic Schumacher designs with Matouk’s impeccably crafted home linen.
We believe your bed should be a restful oasis of luxury and the ultimate expression of your unique style. Read our complete buyer’s guide to Matouk Schumacher bedding. Made to mix, match, and layer, this luxurious line of home bedding is a once-in-a-generation collaboration that combines iconic Shumacher designs with Matouk’s impeccably crafted bed linen.
Trends come and go, but timeless textiles remain in style forever. As fads and fashion evolve, some textiles remain eternally stylish. To celebrate National Textile Day, we take a moment to salute five legendary textile trends. Read on to learn how these iconic pieces continue to shape and define home décor linen.