Abyss Super Pile Bath Towels - Denim (307)
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The Abyss Super Pile Towel weighs a hefty 700gsm for unparalleled luxury. The long loop terry design makes them one of the thickest, most luxurious towels you will find, making the Super Pile towels one of Abyss' most popular collections. The Super Pile towel is made of 100% Egyptian Giza Extra Long Staple Cotton, which is known for its' exceptional strength. This thirsty towel is thoroughly tested as being superior in absorption and durability.

White, Ecru and Ivory Towels and Double Bath Mats are stocked in standard sizes and are available for immediate shipment.
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Abyss and Habidecor products are custom made to order in Portugal and require a 2-3 week lead time.

We want you to be completely satisfied with your color choices and are happy to send you color swatch samples to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Denim / Color Swatch Sample Price: $0.00
Denim / Wash Cloth (12" x 12") Price: $20.00
Denim / Fingertip Towel (12" x 20") Price: $25.00
Denim / Hand Towel (17" x 30") Price: $42.00
Denim / Large Hand Towel (21" x 39") Price: $60.00
Denim / XL Hand Towel (23" x 43") Price: $70.00
Denim / Bath Towel (28" x 54") Price: $83.00
Denim / Euro Bath Sheet (39" x 59") Price: $132.00
Denim / Bath Sheet (40" x 72") Price: $153.00
Denim / Small Double Bath Mat (20" x 31") Price: $105.00
Denim / Medium Double Bath Mat (23" x 39") Price: $140.00

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Customer Reviews

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Luxurious and a real towel.

Not just beautiful but functional! Soft and absorbent, all my towels are Abyss.

Swatch samples

Great care was taken to keep me posted as to when the swatches would arrive. The samples , actual super pile towel swatches, were ample in size, and, made my color choice decision easy. I compared the colors of the swatches to my current Abyss washcloths and felt comfortable I'd have a good color contrast when ordering new hand towels. Thank you for this service, FL and B!


Extremely happy with quality of towels

The best

Beautiful long lasting good working towels

Very impressed!

I was tired of my washcloths turning into washboards with repeated use over time. I tried different laudering techniques to get rid of built up soap. My sister recommended Abyss brand. An online search revealed FL and B offered the best cost savings. I was pleased many product colors were available. I placed an order. I was so impressed with the quality of Abyss washcloths, retaining both softness and color over time that I placed a second order, replacing all my old "washboards" with Abyss. When ordering online, expect a few weeks wait for delivery. FL and B notified me that Abyss is custom supplied from Portugal and offered fabric swatches to ensure I was satisfied with my color selections. I'm sold on Abyss and FL and B service!