Graccioza Spa Sponge Bath Rugs - White

  • $237.00

Graccioza's Spa Sponge Bath Rugs with My Cloud Cotton insert are heaven at your feet. These amazing bath rugs are the ultimate luxury comfort bath rug.

The Spa Sponge rugs are made of 100% Superior Combed Cotton and feature volume and softness with integrated high density removable memory foam. This removable foam allow the rug to be machine washed and dried quicker, saving time and energy. Pre-washed with an anti-pilling treatment. Comes with a non-slip silicone backing applied for added safety.

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Please Note: Graccioza products are custom ordered from Portugal and require 1-2 weeks to ship. Some items may be stocked for immediate shipment, please contact us for more information on specific item availability.

We want you to be completely satisfied with your color choices and are happy to send you color swatch samples to ensure your complete satisfaction before ordering.

Graccioza products are custom ordered from Portugal and ship in 2-3 weeks. White towels in Long Double Loop and Egoist are regularly stocked and ship in 1-2 business days.

We welcome you to contact us with any product questions and to request a complimentary color swatch sample to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Caring For Your Bath Linens
Following these simple suggestions will prolong the life of your bath towels, rugs and robes while preserving their look and feel. As always, we suggest you also consult the care label on each item for best results.

Machine wash using cold water and a mild detergent without added bleach, whiteners, brighteners or softeners. It is not advisable to use bleach, even with white products, as it will weaken the fabric and cause yellowing. Always separate light and dark colors – and wash towels only with other towels to prevent pilling. Remember not to over stuff the washer.

Never use fabric softener when washing towels, as this could make them less absorbent. Use of liquid fabric softeners (and dryer sheets) is not recommended for any fine linens.

Tumble dry on low to warm heat. High heat can scorch fibers and cause them to breakdown over time

For additional information on caring for your items see our Care Guide for Luxury Bath Towels and Care Guide for Luxury Bath Rugs and Mats

Customer Reviews

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Deb M
Spa Sponge Towels

So very soft and absorbent! I purchased the extra large hand towels and they amazing! VERY satisfied with customer service in making sure you get what you want and follow up after delivery. Would highly recommend.

Carol Tefft
Love my towels

So absorbent and soft