Habidecor Cloe Bath Rugs - Silver

  • $192.00

Habidecor's Cloe bath rug brings a timeless, classic look that is simply stunning. It features a wonderfully soft white base that features a frame of metallic threading to add just the right touch of glamour.

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Made of 90% Combed Cotton, 5% Acrylic, and 5% Lurex.

This rug coordinates perfectly with the Abyss Joia Bath Towels.

*Please Note: All Habidecor rugs with Lurex metallic threading included in them have non-slip backing applied by default.

*Please Note: This Bath Rug has metallic threading woven throughout the pattern that may not be easily visible in the photos.

Abyss and Habidecor products are custom made to order in Portugal and require a 2-3 week lead time.

We want you to be completely satisfied with your color choices and are happy to send you swatch samples of the colors included in this rug to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Caring for your rugs: Easy to clean - Machine washable on cool to warm water using a gentle laundry detergent. We recommend Heritage Park Laundry Essentials brand detergents.

Shake prior to washing to remove loose dirt and debris. Use detergent sparingly. Due to the thickness, these rugs may require an extra rinse cycle to completely remove soap completely. Lightly shake rug to fluff fibers before putting into the dryer will help speed drying time. Tumble dry on a low temperature. Washing in Hot water and drying on high heat will greatly reduce the life of the rug. Do not over dry and Never vacuum Habidecor rugs. Using care when washing will add years to the life of your Habidecor Rugs.

Do NOT bleach or use any detergent containing bleach. Avoid softeners - they glue the fibers. Always wash rugs and mats by themselves and avoid overloading the washing machine and dryer. Do not launder with jeans, bras, or any other items that may snag. Wash whites and colors separately.

Abyss Habidecor products are custom ordered from Portugal and ship in 2-3 weeks.

Should an item you purchased be out of stock, we will contact you as quickly as possible to let you know the estimated ship date of your order.

We welcome you to contact us with any product questions and to request a complimentary color swatch sample to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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