Sferra Bello Bath Towels - Dark Blue
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Product Description

Sferra Bello Bath Towels allow you to indulge in softness and simplicity with their 100% combed cotton towel. These towels woven from the finest cotton, provide superior absorbency and feature a wide honeycomb-patterned dobby. Sferra uses a revolutionary dyeing technique that preserves color long after washings. 

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We want you to be completely satisfied with your color choices and are happy to send you color swatch samples to ensure your complete satisfaction before ordering.

Dark Blue / Color Swatch Sample Price: $ 0.00
Dark Blue / Wash Cloth (12" x 12") Price: $ 14.00
Dark Blue / Hand Towel (20" x 30") Price: $ 32.00
Dark Blue / Bath Towel (30" x 60") Price: $ 59.00
Dark Blue / Tub Mat (20" x 35") Price: $ 69.00
Dark Blue / Bath Sheet (40" x 70") Price: $ 118.00

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