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5 Reasons to Love the Abyss Habidecor Reversible Bath Rug

  • by Erika Smith
  • 3 min read

This article showcases the Habidecor Reversible Bath Rug, a versatile style that is perfect for any luxury bathroom. The Reversible Bath Rug pairs beautifully with Abyss Towels, including the favorite Super Pile Towel collection.

Here at Fine Linen and Bath, we are proud of our reputation for giving more to our clients…more value, more options, more inspiration for styling your bathroom. That's why we're thrilled to showcase a favorite product that was absolutely designed with "more" in mind: the Habidecor Reversible Bath Rug.

Abyss Habidecor Reversible Bath Rug: Luxury and Versatility

The Reversible Bath Rug is everything you want in a bath rug -- times two! This 100% long-staple Egyptian Giza cotton rug is woven in Portugal to the highest standards of quality and design. Reversible rugs are a dream to stand on at an indulgent 3/4" thickness for serious plush comfort. As the name says, these rugs do double duty, with an opulent plush pile and inset frame border on one side and a textured twist weave on the reverse.

"Habidecor Reversible Rugs are one of our top-selling styles and we recommend them without reservation," said Fine Linen and Bath Brand Manager Erika Cellupica. "Habidecor is the sister company to Abyss, the manufacturer of many of our best-selling bath towel styles. The Reversible rug pairs beautifully with so many Abyss bath towels to luxuriously style your bathroom."

5 Great Reasons to Choose an Abyss Habidecor Reversible Rug

Here are five compelling reasons for choosing a Reversible Rug from Habidecor:

1. The Reversible Rug's Versatile Design

Do you crave the soft sensation of sinking into a plush rug? Or perhaps you prefer the invigorating texture of twill. Whatever your mood, the Habidecor Reversible rug delivers two distinct looks -- and feels -- in one adaptable accessory. The classic design of a plush weave with a border frame on one side offers a sophisticated touch, while the reverse side showcases a pleasing twist pattern for a more contemporary aesthetic. This versatility ensures that your bath rug seamlessly complements various bathroom decor styles, allowing for effortless coordination with your towels and other accessories.

2. Durability and Longevity of the Habidecor Reversible Rug

Crafted from 100% long-staple Egyptian Giza cotton at a heavy 2,200 GSM, the Reversible rug offers exceptional quality and durability. Giza cotton is known as the finest on Earth, and long-staple cotton fibers are renowned for their strength and resilience, making them ideal for use outside the bath or shower. Additionally, the rug's construction ensures resistance to pilling, maintaining its pristine appearance wash after wash. The Habidecor Reversible rug is made in Portugal by textile artisans who have honed their craft over generations.

3. Superior Absorbency Reversible Bath Rug

A bath rug's primary function is to absorb moisture, providing a soft and dry surface underfoot after bathing or showering. The Habidecor Reversible rug excels in this regard, thanks to its highly absorbent properties. Woven from premium-quality cotton fibers, the rug efficiently absorbs excess water, helping to keep your bathroom floor dry and slip-free. Whether you prefer the plush side or the textured twist weave side, you can trust that both surfaces will deliver exceptional absorbency, enhancing your post-bath experience.

4. Easy Care

For a rug that embodies legendary luxury, the Habidecor Reversible bath rug excels when it comes to convenient care. Designed to withstand regular use and frequent laundering, this rug is machine washable in your home machine. The pre-shrunk fabric and piece-dyed construction ensure that the rug, label, and trim maintain their perfect color match even after washing. Check out these care guidelines to machine wash Habidecor rugs.

5. So. Many. Colors.

The Reversible Rug by Abyss Habidecor comes in 60 captivating shades that coordinate with the complete Abyss towel collection, including favorites like the Abyss Super Pile towel and Abyss Twill towel. The beautiful color palette of Abyss Habidecor towels and rugs creates a cohesive and harmonious look in your bath space. Whether you opt for a bold statement hue or a subtle neutral tone, the extensive color options mean tailoring your space to suit your individual taste and aesthetic vision.

Habidecor Reversible bath rugs are available in a range of sizes. Choose a small bath rug or square bath rug for outside the shower or bath; a medium or large bath rug works beautifully in front of a sink and bigger spaces like a hallway or bedroom. Whatever your needs, the Fine Linen and Bath design team is here to offer personalized recommendations and suggestions to help you choose a Habidecor Reversible Rug to suit your space and style.

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