Throw Blanket Buyer's Guide: SFERRA Celine vs. SFERRA Terzo


Here at Fine Linen and Bath, we’ve built a reputation for helping clients design the beds of their dreams. We’re here to consult every step of the way, from choosing not-so-basic sheets and bedding down to the details that matter so very much, like selecting a stunning throw blanket to finish your look. Happily, we’re full of ideas bound to spark your imagination. The Celine and Terzo throw blankets are two indulgently soft choices from legendary linen manufacturer, Sferra. These textured options -- in herringbone and basket weave cotton -- are the definition of luxury and sure to make any bed more beautiful.

Sferra Celine vs Terzo Throw Blanket comparison

Building Your Bed Layer-by-Layer

Before we get into the specifics of choosing between throw blankets, let’s address everything under them: the layers of your bedding ensemble. Bear in mind, these layers can be adjusted according to design choices, personal preference and, of course, seasonal and geographic temperature variations.

Start with Sheets

Choosing the right bed sheets will help ensure a blissful night’s sleep. Start by selecting a fabric style, which requires pinpointing your personal preference. If you’re choosing cotton, first decide whether you prefer percale or sateen sheets, which are different in weight and feel. Bamboo and silk are other good options.


Blankets typically feature a softer cotton feel with a relaxed drape. One blanket style a plush, brushed cotton with a bound edging. Another is a woven knit, typically finished with a rolled edge. The relaxed drape offers a casual look where a blanket can be cleanly tucked in or left out.


These are similar to blankets in weight but lend a more sophisticated style. Coverlets are often a tighter weave and can be woven to a matte finish (a little more casual), or a sateen finish with a slight sheen (a touch more sophisticated). Coverlets are usually part of a layered bed, lying between the flat sheet and a duvet cover. This makes them quite versatile in transitioning from a summer bed with the coverlet alone, to a winter bed with an added duvet. A matelassé, sometimes referred to as a bedspread or blanket cover, is a specific type of coverlet. It features stitching in intricate designs and a raised pattern for a “quilted” look without the heavy weight. You can also find quilted coverlets that are most often a sateen finish and feature custom quilting patterns. Filled with polyester batting, they range in thickness.

Duvet Cover

A duvet cover is a decorative protective cover that goes on your duvet insert (note: duvet inserts/stuffers are quilted bed coverings filled with feathers, wool, or synthetic alternatives. They are sometimes referred to as “comforters”) Soft and inviting, a duvet cover is a must for the quintessential “fluffy” bed. They come in a variety of materials and designs, and are often made from machine washable cotton fabric. To maintain a consistent design ethos, we recommend matching the duvet cover to your chosen sheet collection. Many sheet collections include a coordinating duvet cover.

Bed Skirts/Dust Ruffles: A bed skirt or dust ruffle is a piece of decorative fabric that runs along the sides and foot of a bed, placed between the mattress and the box spring, reaching down to the floor. A bed skirt covers the sides of the box spring or the space under the bed and adds a style component to the bed ensemble.

Shams and Decorative Pillows: Shams and decorative pillows are your final layer, added over standard sleeping pillows. Shams can match a coverlet or quilt if one is used; if not, match the duvet cover. Decorative throw pillows can add a touch of pizzazz and personality to the bed.

Throw blankets: A throw blanket can add color and a sense of comfort and warmth to the bedroom. In choosing a throw blanket, draw your inspiration from the room’s décor: artwork, curtains, furniture or paint colors. You can even pick up color from the décor in an adjoining master bath as a creative way to connect the two spaces.

Bed end: Historically seen in hotels, a bed end is a specialty throw that is longer in width to fit the bottom edge of a bed. These are typically woven without fringe or other decorative trim, and replicate the luxury finish of classic hotel bedding. They truly complete the look of a bed.

The Differences Between Sferra Celine and Terzo Throw Blankets

While Celine and Terzo share some common features -- both are woven in Portugal from the softest 100% brushed cotton with twisted fringe -- each is distinct in design and style. Celine is the more formal of the two, with a herringbone weave that blends soft color with cream yarn for a subdued look that complements classic bedding. Terzo defines simplicity itself, with a basket weave pattern of white yarn combined with a softer, pastel-inspired color palette that blends beautifully with a less formal bed, such as a cottage style. You can add a monogram to either blanket to personalize your look, and both are available as fringe-free bed ends.

Benefits of the Sferra Celine Throw Blanket

Sferra's Celine Throw blends together soft colors with cream in a herringbone weave that’s ready to complement even the most formal bedding ensemble. Celine is made from brushed cotton, with a plush, alluring texture that’s the ultimate in comfort. Finished with a twisted natural fringe, Celine can also be ordered as a plain-hem bed end in select colors. Warm and cozy, while timelessly elegant, Celine is the perfect throw for yourself or as a corporate gift that’s bound to impress. Monogramming is available upon request.

All the colors of the SFERRA Celine Throw Blanket

Celine is made from 100% machine washable cotton in Portugal to the highest standards of European quality manufacturing. Available in 15 colors.

Benefits of the Sferra Terzo Throw Blanket

Sferra's Terzo Throw Blanket is simplicity itself, a quiet invitation to retreat into softness and subdued color. Terzo’s familiar basket weave design whispers of timeless comfort and its calming shades are the stuff of dreams. Finished with a twisted fringe, Terzo also comes in a plain-hem bed end in select colors. Pair your Terzo throw with a matching decorative knife-edge pillow to complete the look. Soft and inviting, Terzo is a great option for the more casual bed; it also makes a wonderful gift for a hostess or loved one. Terzo can be monogrammed upon request.

All the collors of the Sferra Terzo throw blanket

Terzo is woven from 100% machine washable cotton in Portugal to the highest standards of European quality manufacturing. Available in 11 colors.

SFERRA Celine vs. SFERRA Terzo Comparison Chart


Sferra Celine
(herringbone woven with cream yarn)

Sferra Terzo
(basket weave Woven with white yarn)

Throw Size

51” x 71”

51” x 71”


100% brushed cotton

100% brushed cotton


Twisted fringe

Twisted fringe


Available in 15 colors
Aqua, Black, Cadet, Charcoal, Lilac, Moss, Mushroom, Navy, Paprika, Salmon, Silver Sage, Slate Blue, Taupe, Tin, Wine

Available in 11 colors
Apricot, Cinnabar, Mushroom, Navy, Ocean, Olive, Poolside, Sand, Seagreen, Silver Sage, Tin

Bed End

Select colors
50” x 90”
Plain hem

Select colors
50” x 90”
Plain hem

Matching Decorative Pillow


Yes, 11 colors
22” x 22”
Knife edge

Monogram available



Woven In



Product Care

Machine Wash; Iron Safe; Tumble Dry

Machine Wash; Iron Safe; Tumble Dry

Shipping Lead Time

In stock, 2 - 5 business days

In stock, 2 - 5 business days

Where to Find Sferra Celine and Sferra Terzo

Accessorizing your bedroom -- or any space -- with a throw blanket is a great way to warm up your décor (and yourself!). Here at Fine Linen and Bath, we carry the full line of Sferra Celine and Terzo throw blankets and bed ends, as well as the matching Terzo decorative pillows. We’d love to help you choose one of these indulgent, lightweight blankets in the style and color that suits you best.

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