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The Best Detergent for Luxury Sheets and Towels: Heritage Park Review

  • by Erika Smith
  • 7 min read

Luxury home linens are an investment. With proper care, many of these beautiful textiles can become heirloom pieces. This article explains why it is essential to pick the best laundry detergent for washing luxury linen and recommends Heritage Park All-Purpose Detergent for this essential task.

Luxury Linen Care: Extending the Life of Fine Fabrics

At Fine Linen and Bath, we are so much more than purveyors of the world’s finest linens. We are our own best customers. Our love affair with luxury linen goes back a long way. Indulging in beautiful bedding and bath towels was our passion well before it became our profession (a big part of why we love our jobs so much).

No matter if it’s our personal collections or the products we sell, we think fine linens are an investment made to last. And that means knowing how to wash and care for them to extend their longevity, beauty, and performance. Along with following the manufacturer’s care guidelines, you need a detergent made to clean and protect luxury textiles. With all the products on the market, choosing the best detergent can be overwhelming. We’ve tried all the major brands and can wholeheartedly recommend one product for washing your fine linens: Heritage Park All-Purpose Laundry Detergent.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes Heritage Park so special.

Best Detergent for Luxury Sheets and Towels: Heritage Park Laundry Detergent
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Best Detergent for Washing Luxury Linens: Heritage Park

When it comes to cleaning delicate fabric, not all luxury detergents are created equal. We’ve learned this through excruciating trial and effort. Many commercial (“grocery store”) brands are loaded with harsh chemicals, dyes, brighteners and other additives that can weaken fibers and damage delicate sheet sets, towels and table linens over time. On the flip side, some "natural" cleaners lack the powerful cleaning action needed to thoroughly remove dirt and stains.

Heritage Park All-Purpose Detergent strikes the balance your luxury linens deserve. It is a gentle, pH-neutral liquid detergent made with plant-based ingredients that are gentle on fabric and skin; it also includes a proprietary blend of natural detergent enzymes that help break down and remove tough stains. It can be used to safely hand wash or machine wash sheets and towels made from cotton, bamboo, modal, linen fabric, and more.

Plant-Based Cleaning: Gentle Power for Luxury Fabrics

One of the things we appreciate most about Heritage Park All-Purpose is its gentle formulation. It is made with a short list of natural, botanically derived ingredients that harness the power of nature to lift away dirt and stains. It is made in the USA using sustainable production practices in an environmentally responsible facility; is biodegradable and septic / greywater safe; and Leaping Bunny approved as never being tested on animals.

Protecting Delicate Fabrics and Sensitive Skin

With Heritage Park, you can feel good knowing your laundry detergent is as good for the planet and your family as it is for your fine linen. Heritage Park is a mild detergent that contains none of the harsh chemicals found in commercial detergents; it is made with no dyes, sulfates, phosphates, chlorine, bleach, or brighteners. It is also carefully formulated to be pH-neutral, like water, to protect luxury fabric.

“We take enormous pride in offering the finest luxury textiles made from the very best materials,” said Fine Linen and Bath Brand Manager, Erika Smith. “For example, SFERRA Giza bed linen and Abyss bath towels are made with Giza cotton. This is a unique and special strain of Egyptian cotton grown in the fertile valley of the Nile River. Giza cotton is harvested by hand, and is known for being the finest, softest, strongest cotton on Earth. Heritage Park is the detergent we trust to care for these incomparable fabrics.”

The natural, pH-neutral formula of Heritage Park All-Purpose is just as gentle on your skin. The fragrance-free variety is also independently certified hypoallergenic and pediatrician- and dermatologist-tested. This means your treasured sheets and towels will never irritate your sensitive skin. If you prefer a delicate scent, Heritage Park All-Purpose is also available in lightly fragranced Lavender Mist, Shore Breeze, and Spring Magnolia varieties if you prefer a delicate fragrance.

Natural Stain Removal: Enzyme Power for Luxury Linens

While being a gentle formula, Heritage Park is highly effective at cleaning After all, fine linen is meant to be used and enjoyed, which makes the occasional stain inevitable. So how do they do it? The secret is enzymes. Heritage Park All Purpose contains a natural blend of powerful cleaning enzymes that target and break down tough stains (even on white sheets) so they can be rinsed away. We can’t disclose the exact recipe, but are happy to share the components of Heritage Park’s proprietary enzyme blend.

Heritage Park: Premium detergent made for luxury linen

What enzymes are in Heritage Park All-Purpose detergents?

Heritage Park Enzyme Blend



Protein found in sweat, blood, chocolate, dairy products, and milky drinks like tea, coffee, and chai, as well as grass, mud, and more


Starch, a sticky substance used to thicken prepared foods, from ready-made sauces and baby foods to dressings and desserts

Pectate Lyase

Starch is found in berries, bananas, avocados, vegetables, and as a thickener.


Gum found in ice cream, mayonnaise, and salad dressing, as well as in personal care products like toothpaste and body lotions


Works on the fats, oils, and grease, both those in foods (sausage, pizza, etc.) and used for cooking (peanut, sunflower, and sesame oil).

Most stains are actually a combination of more than one substance (chocolate, for example, contains both protein and starch) and will be best removed with a blend of enzymes that target multiple components.

Great laundry detergent that cleans well and leaves no residue behind on fabrics.

Care Note

We are huge fans of the cleaning power of enzymes for their ability to break down and dissolve the proteins found in blood, dairy, body fluids, grass, and other stains. However, fabrics such as silk, wool, cashmere and leather are themselves made of protein. Prolonged use of an enzymatic cleaner will eventually degrade the quality of a silk sheet and other natural luxury fabrics. For these natural fiber materials, we recommend enzyme-free Heritage Park Silk and Wool Detergent. 

One Detergent for All: Simplifying Luxury Linen Care

Heritage Park All-Purpose Detergent is a great choice for safely cleaning luxury linens. It is also incredibly versatile and easy to use. The ultra-concentrated formula will work in a standard or HE washing machine for hand washing, as well as in hot, warm, and cold water. You can also use Heritage Park All-Purpose Detergent as a stain treatment.

  • Enzyme Presoak: Pre-soak stains in a solution of detergent and water (temperature based on care guidelines).
  • Enzyme Spray: Make an enzyme spray with a 1:1 ratio of Heritage Park All-Purpose Detergent in a spray bottle. Spray liberally on the stain and allow it to sit for at least an hour prior to washing.
  • Concentrated Stain Remover: For stubborn stains, apply detergent directly and rub into the stain. Leave to sit for up to 24 hours before washing.

One detergent truly does it all for your luxury sheets and towels, which means less clutter and waste in your laundry space. That’s an absolute win! Of course, we always recommend testing on an inconspicuous area before applying any product directly to stained fabric. Check out this guide to stain removal for fine linens, and these articles explaining how to launder luxury bed sheets,bath towels, and table linens. Pro tip: never use fabric softener or dryer sheets, which will cause build-up on your fabric and inside your machines. We recommend using a set of wool dryer balls to naturally soften fabric and speed drying times.

As always, the Fine Linen and Bath design team is here to answer any questions you have about Heritage Park Detergents and how to care for your sheets, towels, and table linens. Feel free to contact us by email, phone, or chat support on our website.

About Heritage Park Laundry Detergent

Caring for fine linen is a labor of love, and having the right laundry detergent makes the task much easier. A sister company to Fine Line and Bath, Heritage Park produces safe, effective detergent products that clean and care for luxury linen. Its product line includes Heritage Park All-Purpose Laundry Detergent in fragrance-free/hypoallergenic and scented formulas; Heritage Park Silk and Wool Detergent in fragrance-free / hypoallergenic and scented formulas; and laundry accessories including mesh laundry bags, wool dryer balls, and more.

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