Matouk Milagro Bath Towels - Linen
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Milagro is Spanish for "miracle" and Matouk Milagro towels are a miraculous addition to the bath experience. Milagro is woven from luxurious 100% Egyptian cotton 'zero-twist' yarns and contains a 550 GSM, resulting in an incredibly lightweight towel that still feels thick and plush. The Milagro Bath Rugs are available only in White, Ivory and Linen colors.

Made in Portugal.

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We want you to be completely satisfied with your bath towel choices and are happy to send you fabric swatch samples to ensure your complete satisfaction before ordering.       

Linen / Color Swatch Sample Price: $ 0.00
Linen / Wash Cloth (12" x 12") (Pack of 2) Price: $ 22.00
Linen / Fingertip Towel (12" x 20") (Pack of 2) Price: $ 24.00
Linen / Hand Towel (20" x 32") (Pack of 2) Price: $ 44.00
Linen / Bath Towel (30" x 60") (Pack of 2) Price: $ 98.00
Linen / Bath Sheet (40" x 70") (Pack of 2) Price: $ 156.00
Linen / Tub Mat (24" x 36") Price: $ 34.00
Linen / Small Bath Rug (20" x 34") Price: $ 81.00
Linen / Large Bath Rug (24" x 40") Price: $ 106.00

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Nice but pricey

These towels have a luxuriant feel to them, soft, thick. As nice in that department as any. They did NOT meet the standard I was aiming for of basically like many good hotel towels pull the water off after showering "with one pass". My benchmark besides hotels are towels I own and the ones I own have a bit shorter strand and seem to much more readily draw the water off your skin. I had picked these after talking to a salesperson at a Neiman Marcus, and she was certainly sincere since the order wasn't going to go through her. Just not as good as I was aiming for at this price for fast drying.