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SFERRA Bello Towels: 5 Great Reasons to Love this Timeless Towel

  • by Erika Smith
  • 4 min read

This article showcases the SFERRA Bello Towel collection and examines the many reasons why this style has remained best-seller at Fine Linen and Bath.

It's no small achievement for a towel to become a perennial best-seller. And it certainly doesn't happen by accident. So, when a particular towel stands the test of time, it is absolutely worth taking a closer look at what makes that style so special. Since its introduction nearly a decade-and-a-half ago, SFERRA Bello has consistently remained one of the best-selling styles here at Fine Linen and Bath. Bello is a 100% cotton towel that combines a spa-like feel at a hefty 700 GSM with tailored, sophisticated details like a honeycomb patterned dobby border. These towels are a favorite among our design team and our most discerning clients. Read on to discover five great reasons why Bello towels remain enduringly popular.

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1. Why SFERRA Bello Towels are a Timeless Luxury Choice

Bello towels are true to their name, which means "beautiful" in Italian. They feature an elegant design that complements a wide range of décor styles, from traditional to contemporary. Made from the finest combed cotton, Bello towels' clean lines and understated texture add a touch of luxury to any bath space while being thick, soft, and highly absorbent.

"When a client comes to us looking for luxury bath towel recommendations, the first thing we inquire about is whether they prefer a light or heavyweight towel," said Fine Linen and Bath Brand Manager Erika Smith. "SFERRA Bello are among the heavier weight towels we sell. They deliver a plush, spa-like performance with wonderful softness. At the same time, they stand out among their spa-weight peers with a sophisticated dobby and tailored design that adds a bit of panache."

2. The Finest Materials and Craftsmanship in Every Bello Bath Towel

For more than 125 years, SFERRA has produced the finest home textiles in the market. Made from 100% premium combed cotton in Portugal to a heavy 700 GSM weight, Bello towels deliver an incredibly soft feel and superior absorbency. Bello towels are the ideal choice for anyone seeking comfort, function, and style in a single towel.

Bello towels are made in Portugal by skilled fabric artisans who carry on a centuries-old tradition and legacy of textile craftsmanship. Portuguese towels are known for excellence, artistry, and innovation, from the selection of raw materials through the finished product. Bello towels represent the pinnacle of Portuguese craftsmanship along with SFERRA's unwavering commitment to quality.

3. Elevate Your Bathroom with the Elegant Details of SFERRA Bello Towel

Bello towels are generously sized (a SFERRA Bello bath towel is 30" x 60") and feature a wide honeycomb patterned dobby and a banded edge. These sophisticated details add a touch of refinement to the design, and set Bello towels apart from most other heavy-weight towels which are often more minimalist in style. The honeycomb dobby on Bello towels creates a subtle yet eye-catching texture that enhances the visual appeal, while the finished edge provides a crisp, tailored look. These refinements speak to the high-end craftsmanship and SFERRA's attention to even the smallest details. The Bello collection includes a wash cloth, fingertip towel, hand towel, bath towel, bath sheet, and Bello tub mat (which features a wide inset border).

4. Discover the Perfect Bello Bath Towel Color for Your Style

SFERRA Bello towels come in a host of stylish colors, ranging from subtle pastels to bold hues and rich earth tones (which are our personal favorites!). The extensive color palette allows for easy coordination with existing bathroom décor or serves as inspiration for a fresh, new look. Whether you prefer the soothing tranquility of soft, muted tones or the energizing vibrancy of bold, saturated hues, you'll find the ideal shade of SFERRA Bello towel for your bathroom.

5. SFERRA Bello Towels: Fade-Resistant and Made to Last

Along with legendary craftsmanship, Bello towels are made with a revolutionary dyeing technique that makes them resistant to fading caused by sunlight, weather, washing, and more. This means that Bello towels will maintain their vibrant colors and plush feel even after repeated use and laundering. The fade-resistant properties of SFERRA Bello towels are particularly valuable for those who live in sunny climates or have bathrooms with ample natural light. While being the pinnacle of luxury, Bello towels can absolutely keep up with the demands of daily life, including repeated washing. (SFERRA Bello towels and bath mats can easily be laundered in a gentle cycle with a detergent made to care for fine fabric. Wash dark colors separately. Never use fabric softener or dryer sheets).

SFERRA Bello towels have earned their place as beloved classics in the world of luxury linens. From their elegant design and premium materials to their fade-resistant properties and extensive color options, a SFERR Bello bath towel offers everything you desire in a high-end bathroom essential. Whether you're creating a serene retreat defined by soft simplicity, or making a bold stylish statement with color, SFERRA Bello towels are a perfect choice for your luxury bathroom. As always, the Fine Linen and Bath Design team is here to offer personalized advice and recommendations to help you find your perfect towel.


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