What is a new Bath Towel’s "Break-In" Period?

Most people do not realize that a new bath towel has a “break in” period. It typically takes up to three wash cycles before a new towel truly absorbs water the way it was designed.

If you have ever tried to use new bath towels, without washing them first, you might have noticed that they feel as if they are not absorbing any water. The reason is that many towels are treated after the manufacturing process with a silicone finish in order to provide the perception of softness to customers while shopping at retail stores. This treatment significantly affects absorbency leaving water on the body after use. To remove this silicone finish, as well as any excess dyes from colored towels, we recommend always washing new towels before their first use with a simple three step process.

Step 1) Wash your towels in warm to hot water -- not scalding -- with one cup of white distilled vinegar. DO NOT USE DETERGENT, only white vinegar.

Step 2) Run the load a second time using only a half-cup of baking soda. AGAIN, DO NOT USE DETERGENT, only baking soda.

Break-In your Bath towels with vinegar and baking soda

Step 3) Dry according to instructions WITHOUT fabric softener sheets.

It is important to note that fabric softeners and dryer sheets can coat cotton to offer an illusion of softness, but the process can actually break down the cotton fibers more quickly. Because of this, we suggest you skip using fabric softeners and dryer sheets altogether on your bath towels and use wool dryer balls instead.

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